Classic Science Fiction Movies You Must Watch

Science Fiction Movies

Who in the world is not fond of space movies? Classic science fiction movies make us travel through dimensions. The curiosity level keeps rising for space and quantum. We like creativity at its peak, and most supernatural stories are the best space movies of all time.

It is no doubt that time travel, galaxies, aliens, black holes, and so much more are right here in this genre. It is such a vast genre that when combined with fantasy, the stories become exceptional. It does not take a great deal for sci fi movies to arouse a sense of horror. The very inclusion of mysterious theoretical concepts is enough to scare the audience. 

A sci-fi movie does not exclusively have to be about visiting space. It has several sub-genres like monsters, action, horror, etc.


1. Interstellar (2014)


Interstellar is the best science fiction movies of all time. This movie revolves around the concept of gravity on earth that is slowly losing all of its livelihood. Therefore, some upper scale scientists together decide to find another planet to escape from earth to preserve the human species. Such is the wonderful, but eerie journey of Interstellar.

2. Inception (2010)

Source: OMSI

Inception is starred by Leonardo DiCaprio. His role as a thief is to get inside the subconscious of other individuals for stealing information. The story goes around through the inception of humans for erasing his previous criminal records in a complex way. It is a must see sci fi movies with 87% rotten tomatoes.

3. Star Wars (1977)

Star Wars

Who does not know Star Wars? It belongs to the subgenre space opera. 

Star Wars is a movie series with three original films, three prequels, and three sequels. Apart from this, it has an animated version along with three more standalone movies. The only way to find out what this huge trilogy holds is by watching from the very start. This overwhelming trilogy has these classic science fiction movies: 

4. Thor


Thor movies have been launched as sequels. They are Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, and Thor: Love and Thunder.

The movies revolve around the marvel superhero Thor, the son of Odin, or say, the God of Thunder according to mythologies. Marvel owns the production franchise of the Thor series. Believe me! people are in love with it. 

5. Planet of the Apes (1968)

Planet of the Apes
Source: Newsweek

Planet of the Apes is an American science fiction franchise. Why a franchise? Well, it owns books, movies, comics, and TV series. However, talking about the movies, it was adapted from a French novel- La Planète des singes by Pierre Boulle. 

The concept is about intellectual apes and their planet that turns out to be quite harsh on the human race. Here is a list of this franchise movies:

There a remake as well:

  • Planet of the Apes (2001)

This is the list of the rebooted movies of the same:

  • Rise of the Planet of Apes (2011)
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)
  • War of the Planet of the Apes(2017)

6. Star Trek (1960)

Star Trek

Star Trek is another American science fiction television show. Paramount has launched 13 Star Trek movies. 

Here a list of the original movies:

This list is of The Next Generation:

The Kelvin Timeline includes:

And the final version by TBA is a Star Trek film

7. Doctor Strange (2016)

Doctor Strange
Source: Fandom

Doctor Strange belongs to Marvel comics. Portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, it is a supernatural comic movie. The adventure of Doctor Strange as an arrogant and rich neurosurgeon who is based in New York City. It is fun to watch the movie as it takes its twists and turns.

8. The Endless (2017)

The Endless
Source: Amazon

The Endless falls under the category of science fiction horror. It is a must see sci fi movie. The story of Justin and Aaron with the UFO death cult and how they escape their cutting edge is all in here with a horror touch to it.

9. A Space Odyssey (1968)

A Space Odyssey
Source: NY Times

The US spacecraft rocketing to Jupitar with professionals from different fields. They go around and discover the planet till they find a third monolith orbiting around. This takes the protagonist to a world of colors in different ages and so on. 

10. The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix
Source: Rio Theatre

Everyone has heard about The Matrix, haven’t they? The plot revolves around the weird situation in which smart machines distract human beings by the Matrix to use their bodies for energy. 

The Matrix is more of a cyberpunk science fiction movie. This film showcases the revolt of humans against the machines when they find out the truth about the Matrix. 

11. Terminator (1984)

Source: Wikipedia

Terminator is about robots. This science fiction has been watched by millions since 1984. It was starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a cyborg assassin. This assassin is sent from the future to the past to kill the mother of an important person for the future. 

Terminator is also an action film.

Other Best Space Movies of All Time:

Movies are endless in number. You must watch them all t get the vibe of science fiction. If you want more on the list, here is a list of the best space movies of all time:

  1. Gravity
  2. The Martian
  3. Avatar
  4. The Abyss
  5. Men in Black
  6. The Girl with all the gifts
  7. Guardians of the galaxy
  8. Midnight Special
  9. Wall-E
  10. Children of men
  11. Under the skin
  12. The Avengers
  13. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  14. Stalker
  15. Solaris
  16. Arrival

Summing Up

Our list is fun to watch. You will be grasped by curiosity, horror, action, and love interchangeably. These are the best science fiction movies of all time.


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