Saturday, September 18, 2021
Google Docs

The Effective Way of Fixing an Image’s Position in Google Docs

Google Docs has added a new feature that allows you to put an image in a fixed location in Google Docs....

The Magical Way of Getting Rid of the Alexa’s Irking ‘By the Way Suggestions’

Alexa is wonderful and it can help you with a plethora of tasks but the ‘by the way suggestions’ can get...
Smart Plugs

Benefits of Having Smart Plugs in Your Home

Smart homes are one the major technological advancements of our era. They have made our lives easier and more convenient. They...
Tips to Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

Tips to Optimize Your Website for Local SEO

Local SEO is a tricky business for Google and we understand why - we're all searching for things really close to...
Features of the Fintech Apps

Must-Have Features of the Fintech Apps

The advent of financial technology has led to the popularity of fintech apps. As a matter of fact, fintech companies are...
How to Manage Interests in Google Discover

How to Manage Interests in Google Discover

Undoubtedly, Google is the most popular and used search engine in the world. And most of you also have come here...
Promo Video

How to Make a Unique Promo Video in 9 Steps

Whether you’re trying to grow your business or build an online following, a promo video can be a powerful tool to...
Enter Text with Your Voice on a Chromebook

Easiest Way to Enter Text with Your Voice on a Chromebook

Entering your text with your voice on a chrome book comes with a plethora of advantages. You can use chrome book...
How to block Facebook

How to block Facebook (or Any Distracting Website)

We are living in an era of computers and the internet, and being focused on work has become more difficult. We...
Text Editor

Top 5 Text Editor for Content Editing

What you read during your day matters a lot.  It impacts your mind and helps shape up your mind and thoughts....

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