Google’s I/O 2021 Virtual Event

It’s an annual conference for Developers around the world who are interested in Google technology can register for free and tune in to get the latest product releases, insights and hands-on learning from Google experts. Google’s I/O 2021 gives an opportunity to Connect with developers from around the world virtually from May 18 to 20. You may remember that Google I/O 2020 was canceled due to concern for the health and safety of the developer’s community and also the Google employees.

Google IO 2020 Tweet

What you can Expect from Registration

You can experience Google I/O and Developer Keynotes, Workshops Sessions, and learning experiences such as Codelabs, a self-guided learning experience that helps you adopt Google technology, will be accessible to everyone on Google event website. When you register, you get much more out of the Google I/O experience including access to Workshops which are instructor-led walkthroughs of a codelab, Ask Me Anything Sessions (AMAs), personalized content, and live Q&A during Sessions. You also gain the ability to chat with Googlers and engage with the developer community in I/O Adventure and can earn Google Developer profile badges, and also you can build and save your selected schedule.

Google IO

What you can Explore from this Event:-

 Keynotes & Content:

The Keynotes session focuses on company and product news, while Technical Sessions will focus on product announcements and how to adopt its new features.

Workshops & Ask Me Anything Sessions (AMA):

In this session you will get an opportunity to interact and connect with Google experts. These Workshops are walkthroughs of a codelab and it is led by instructors, participants are  encouraged for Q&A, and on the other hand Ask Me Anything Sessions is the opportunity to ask questions to Google experts.

Learning Lab:

You can grow your knowledge by Finding workshops, lessons, demos, tutorials, and resources around all the Google technology you love or want to learn more in the I/O 2021 Learning Lab.

Pathways and Codelabs:

Pathways and Codelabs are self-guided learning skills that help you accept Google technologies. And also, you earn Google Developer profile badges by completing these lessons.

I/O Adventure:

I/O Adventure is a virtual event experience. You can explore virtual I/O to see product demos, chat with Googlers and engage with the developer community. You can also create an avatar (graphic representation) and look for Google Easter eggs (hidden message).

I/O Legacy:

From announcements and technology deep-dives to bringing the developer community together, I/O is a unique experience for everyone who attends.

Here are the content by topic as below:

1. Accessibility

2. Ads

3. Android

4. Augmented Reality

5. Chrome OS

6. Cloud

7. Design

8. Firebase

9. Flutter

10. Gaming

11. Google Assistant

12. Google Play

13. Growth

14. iOS

15. IoT/Smart Home

16. Location/Maps

17. ML/AI

18. Mobile

19. Open Source

20. Payments

21. Search

22. Web

The content can be explored by its level such as Beginner level , Intermediate level, Advanced level. You will experience more than 280 speakers in this conference and that’s really amazing to learn from them.

Source of Information:

One of the most important announcements will be to get ready for a significant version of Google’s operating system, Android 12. In the beginner level you can explore “Top 12 tips to get ready for Android 12”.

Google I/O 2021 rumours and Speculations, potential announcements that we may hear from this Conference:

● Google Pixel 5A 5G

● Android 12 software updates

● Google Pixel Buds A-Series

● Wear OS/Pixel smartwatch

● News or updates to the Google Assistant.

● Future updates to the Google Chromecast.

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