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How to Activate using HBO Max on Any Device

Do you love to watch movies on OTT streaming platforms? What if it’s the holiday season, and your family and friends expect you to share popcorn and watch movies together? Check out this article on how to activate and connect your device to HBO Max.

You can now watch high-quality movies, TV shows, sports, and much more on the HBO Max video streaming platform by signing in on your device with the help of

Like HBO Max, if you love to watch movies on Disney+ or Twitch TV, it will be like a full entertainment blast for you on weekends or during the holiday season.

What is HBO Max?

HBO Max is a popular video-on-demand platform. HBO Max was launched in the United States on May 27, 2020. You can stream popular movies and web series from your favorite brands.

What Devices are Compatible with HBO Max?

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV including 4th Generation
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • PlayStation 4 & 5
  • XBOX – One and Series X|S
  • Xfinity X1 and Flex
  • PlutoTV
  • COX Contour 2
  • iPhone/iPad and iPod
  • Browsers – Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari
  • Windows
  • AT&T Streaming Box

How to Create an HBO Max Account with

  1. First, turn on the device, like Amazon Fire TV or Smart TV.
  2. Visit
  3. Then enter your email id and password to sign up
  4. Select the country and zip code
  5. Now choose your gender, and birthday date
  6. Verify the captcha.
  7. Accept the privacy condition.
  8. Finally, click on “Create My Account.”

How do I stream HBO Max on a web browser?

  1. Go to the website
  2. Enter your AT&T account number and password
  3. Now click on Sign In option

How To Activate HBO Max On Roku

  1. Go to the HBO Max website or install it if not installed.
  2. Signin to HBO Max app and enter your email id & password.
  3. Go to
  4. Now enter the HBO Max activation code on Roku TV

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How To Activate HBO Max on Apple TV by

  1. Go to HBO Max sign in page on your Apple TV
  2. Install the HBO Max if not installed
  3. Log in using you email and password
  4. Now enter the HBO Max activation code and click submit.

How to Activate HBO Max on PlayStation 4 & 5

  1. Go to Playstation store and search HBO Max.
  2. Now download the HBO Max app from playstation store.
  3. Now open and signin the app using your email and password.

How to Activate HBO Max On Amazon Fire TV by 

  1. Download the HBO Max app on Amazon Fire TV.
  2. Log in to your device with your login credentials.
  3. Then visit
  4. Now enter the activation code on your amazon fire tv and click on submit button.

How to Sign in HBO Max To Xbox

Follow the steps to sign in or activate HBO Max on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One:

  1. First start your Xbox 360 or One and sign in
  2. Go to the Store and find HBO Max app and install it.
  3. Login by entering your credentials.
  4. Now go to
  5. Then enter the HBO Max activation code on the screen.
  6. Click on Submit option

How to Activate HBO Max To Your Smart TV

You can watch HBO Max (a video streaming platform) on your smart TV. Go to the app store on your smart TV and search for HBO Max in the store.

  1. Turn on the Smart TV to activate HBO Max and go to the app store.
  2. Search HBO Max and install it.
  3. Log in to the HBO Max account.
  4. Now go to
  5. Then enter the activation code
  6. Click Submit option.

How to Activate HBO Max To iPhone

  1. Go to the App Store and search HBO Max.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Now log in to your HBO Max account using your login credentials.
  4. Then go to
  5. Now enter code
  6. Click on Submit.

How to Activate HBO Max To Android

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and install HBO Max.
  2. Now install the app and open HBO Max.
  3. log in to the HBO Max account.
  4. Now go to
  5. Enter the activation code and click submit.

Error Message HBO Max is not available: How to Fix

HBO Max is not available in your region

HBO Max is mainly available in the USA and some US territories, along with that, it is available in some selected countries like Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, North America.

But what if you are from one of these regions and you are still getting an error message like “Sorry, HBO Max isn’t available in your region yet”?

Find out the reasons and check with them to resolve the issue, which is as follows:

Step 1: Unblock your IP address

To unblock your IP address, disable your proxy server or VPN.

Step 2: Restart your Network

Try to restart your router.

  • Turn off the device with HBO Max and then unplug from the modem and router.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Then again try to reconnect the power to the modem and the router and wait till it connects to the internet.
  • Then turn on the device with HBO Max.
  • Then check if it’s working or not.

Step 3: Contact your Internet Service Provider

Connect with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to fix the issue “HBO Max isn’t available in your region yet.”

Step 4: Contact HBO Max Customer Support

If you are still getting a region error message, then contact HBO Max Help Support, and they may ask for some information like your ISP and IP address.

Where HBO Max Available: List of Countries

HBO Max is available in countries like Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, North America.

A list of countries is mentioned below:

i) Europe:

Åland Islands


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Canary Islands



Czech Republic


Faroe Islands









North Macedonia









Svalbard & Jan Mayen


ii) Latin America:







Costa Rica


El Salvador











iii) Caribbean:


Antigua & Barbuda




British Virgin Islands

Cayman Islands



Dominican Republic





Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad & Tobago

Turks and Caicos

iv) North America:


United States (including American Samoa


the Northern Mariana Islands

Puerto Rico

the U.S. Virgin Islands)

What does HBO Max offer:

HBO Max lets you exclusively stream the biggest Warner Bros. movies and series. It gives you 13,000+ hours of full entertainment on movies, web series, and exclusive Max Original series. You can watch all your favorite brands of Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., Adult Swim, and many more. The parental control feature is an added advantage of this channel. So that you can keep an eye on your kids’ activity and limit their access to the platform.

HBO Max 5 Year Net Worth

HBO Max US Subscribers

DateSubscribers (mm)
Q1 202034.6
Q2 202036.3
Q3 202038.1
Q4 202041.5
Q1 202144.2
Q2 202147
Q3 202145.2
Q4 202146.8
Q1 202248.2
Q2 202251.3
Q3 202253.5


I hope that by reading this article, you are now able to login or activate using HBO Max on your device. And don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment box below.

FAQ: How to Activate

1. Why is HBO Max not available in my region?

HBO Max is working on this to increase their user base around the world. HBO Max is available in some countries like Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, and North America. The list of countries’ names is mentioned above.

2. How to fix the error “HBO Max isn’t available”?

If you are from the above-listed country and still getting the error “HBO Max isn’t available,” then: 1) you should check your IP address; if it’s blocked, disable your VPN to unblock your IP address. 2) Check your network and restart it. 3) Contact your Internet service provider. If all these above don’t work, then, lastly, 4) contact HBO Max support

3. Can I stream HBO Max while traveling?

The perfect answer for this if you can stream while traveling or not; see Watch HBO Max while traveling.

4. Can I connect HBO Max with Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can quickly sign up for HBO Max. Subscribe to your Amazon Prime membership; right here.

5. What is the monthly subscription price for HBO Max?

You can subscribe to HBO Max and get the premium plan for just $15.99 per month.

6. Can I watch HBO Max in India?

Unfortunately no. You cannot watch movies on HBO Max in India. HBO Max is available in the USA, and some territories of the USA Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, and North America.

7. What is the HBO Max TVsignin code, and how do I enter it?

HBO Max TVsignin code is a 6-character code that appears on your device. Follow these steps to enter the code:

i) Open a browser and search for “”

ii) Then the “Enter Code Page” will appear on your screen.

iii) Scan the QR code and then enter the 6-character code and select Next.

8. What are the devices that HBO max is compatible with?

HBO Max is compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV, Android TV, Xfinity X1 and Flex, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and Xbox Series X|S, Roku TV, Cox Contour 2, and Contour Stream Player, etc.

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