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How to Find The Best Wi-Fi Channel for Your Router

Nowadays, everyone has a wireless network connection set up at home. Your router’s wireless access point is connected to a particular channel connecting you to a Wi-Fi network.

You might experience frequent network timeouts, disconnection issues, and slow internet speed if you live in an apartment or densely populated area. These issues are often caused due to the large number of people attempting to connect to the internet while overloading wireless signals using the same channel.

So to get the best possible Wi-Fi connection in your area, you’ll have to switch to a channel that either has no number of other users or a lesser number of uses than the current track.

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Here I will guide you on how to improve your WiFi connection by finding the best WiFi channel for your router. You can also check for more information. So let’s start.

First is you need to know to read Wi-Fi diagnostics: when you are in search of a wifi channel, two essential numbers must be considered

1: “RSSI” value

2: “NOISE” value

RSSI stands for “Received Signal Strength Indicator.” It tells how strong is the connection between the device and the router. NOISE is the summation of all the noise and unwanted signals from sources within the connection range. In this case, “noise” stands for the number of other signs that might interfere with the signal.

Both the numbers are always in a negative value.

For RSSI, you’ll have to check for the highest number. The higher, the better. ‘higher’ means closer to zero. For example, an RSSI of -45 is better compared to an RSSI of -80.

For NOISE, you’ll have to look for the lowest number. The lowest one is the one farthest from zero. Example: -86 is better compared to -60.

To complete the calculation, we have to measure the difference between these two values. This value is called the “SNR,” which stands for “Signal-to-Noise Ratio.”

We simply have to subtract the value of NOISE from the RSSI to get the SNR value.

For example, channel 20 has an RSSI of -67 and the NOISE -90

So the SNR (-67) – (-90)= 23

The higher the number is, the better is the WiFi connection.

Now let us know something which confuses people a lot 2.4GHz and 5GHz what is the difference? The critical difference between a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz wireless connection is the range and bandwidth.

A 5GHz wireless connection will provide a faster link, which is most effective at covering shorter distances.

A 2.4 GHz wireless connection is more effective at covering farther distances, but maybe slower.

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Note: it’s better to have a 2.4 GHz connection because 5GHz is not useful in penetrating walls. Also, NOISE has more influence on a 5GHz wireless link.

Finding The Best Wifi Channel On Windows

Various software tools are available for the Windows machine to figure out the best wifi channel in your area.

Example: we will go with WiFi Analyzer as a wifi scanner as it is easy to use and has a neat interface.

Step 1: Go to the online Microsoft store.

Step 2: When downloading the wifi analyzer.

Step 3: After installation, open the application.

Step 4: On opening it, you’ll see the dashboard. 

The current channel of each connection is stated below the name of the network.

Step 5: Click on “Analyze” in the dashboard. You will see a graph with visuals indicating what networks are performing best and worst.

Finding The Best Wi-Fi Channel On Android

We can use a wifi analyzer for Android because it is compatible and available for mobile devices.

Step 1: Download and install wifi Analyzer from the play store.

Step 2: Open the app to see the dashboard. In the example, the channel appears to have the best statistics.

Step 3: Check the signal strength (dBm) and the graph to compare all the available networks visually.

How To Find The Best Wi-Fi Channel For iPhone

Apple-designed the architecture of iPhones so that applications can’t communicate with each other because strict security reasons prevent that. Therefore it’s impossible to perform a performance analysis of your Wi-Fi network with an iPhone.

How To Change The Router Settings To The Best Wi-Fi Channel

Follow the steps for a faster Wi-Fi connection:

Step 1: Log into your router’s main dashboard. Scroll y to the “use the data to configure router settings” section to follow the steps.

Step 2: After successfully logging into the router’s dashboard, tap “setting” under settings find “wi-fi.”

Step 3: next is to change the Wi-Fi channel. Simply select the little arrow to fold out the drop-down menu and select the recommended track based on your network analysis. You can choose either the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz channel. The only advantage of a 5GHz channel is living in a less congested Wi-Fi network and without any objections to black the signal.

All these steps will lead you to the best Wi-Fi channel for your router. May it be windows, Android, or iOS, the main important point for the Wi-Fi channel is the area where you live, the number of connections that led to slow internet speed. But no, now they will not be a problem. I hope this article was helpful, and we learned what you were unaware of.

Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca Rogers can usually be found reading a novel, and that book will more likely than not be a psycho-thriller. Writing a book was always on her bucket list, and soon, it will become a reality. When not absorbed in the latest gut wrenching page-turner, Rebecca loves music, sings very badly, enjoys riding her Vespa around town, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer. She lives in the States, with her father and cute little guinea pig named Ollie.

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