The 12 Days of Christmas: The Christmas Holiday Carol

The 12 Days of Christmas

The twelve days of Christmas gifts is a carol that has been sung with joy at this time of year holiday. So, when does 12 days of Christmas start? And what could be the ideas for 12 days of Christmas for surprising someone at this time? Let us find out the story behind it all.

When Does 12 Days of Christmas Start?

If you would follow the Christian Calendar by pointing at all the days and dates perfectly, the 12 days of X-mas begin exactly at 12 AM entering 25th December every year, while ending by 12 AM of 7th January. It is okay if you thought that 25th December Christmas day would be the end rather than the first day. But it is the opposite. So, start piling up the gifts now to start sending them soon.

What Is The Story Behind The 12 Days of Christmas?

Have you heard of the three Magi who brought gifts for Jesus when he was born? Well, the story is sung as a carol on X-mas day. The carol is long and tells kids and adults of the glorious celebration received by Jesus.

The Magi came to see Jesus after 12 days when he was born. These 12 days are the 12 days of Christmas gifts that are concerned with the period between the birth of Jesus and The Kings’ Day. These three Magi were wise kings who brought presents along with them. 

Inspired by this story, the 12 Days of Christmas was made into a carol by a songwriter where they sing about all their favorite gifts from their love.

Click here to listen to a version of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’

However, the lyrics of the song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ has been changing over the years as different singers and songwriters modify this traditional folk music every generation.

What ’12 Days of Christmas’ Is?

These days if you ask anyone, they will sing the most popular version of it. So, let us count how many gifts the singer received from her ‘true love’ in the twelve days of Christmas lyrics that are most famous than others.

Lyrics- The 12 Days of Christmas List

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree.”

From the second day, the gift from the previous days keep on adding while mentioning the day number in the 12 days of Christmas song:

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me two little doves and a partridge in a pear tree.”

Now, the list goes on, and the gifts keep on adding as written ahead with their amount in brackets.

The 12 Days of Christmas List/Gifts

  1. A partridge in a pear tree (12)
  2. Two turtle doves (22)
  3. Three French hens (30)
  4. Four calling birds (36)
  5. Five gold rings (40)
  6. Six geese a-laying (42)
  7. Seven swans a-swimming (42)
  8. Eight maids a-milking (40)
  9. Nine ladies dancing (36)
  10. Ten lords a-leaping (30)
  11. Eleven pipers piping (22)
  12. Twelve drummers drumming (12)

In total, she receives 364 gifts in just 12 days of Christmas.

Weird 12 Days of Christmas Theories

Many believe that all gifts are related to Christian theology in some way, like “two turtle doves”- The Old testaments and the New testament. 

There are furthermore derivations while most people just think the lore is of bragging about gifts. In an older version, there are people who say it is the who sent presents to her child and not the so called ‘true love’.

Ideas For 12 Days of Christmas Gifts

Sending presents for the continuous 12 days for Christmas could be a bit expensive. However, we have got 12 days of Christmas list related to the song you could wrap up for enjoying with your family and friends.

1. A partridge in a pear tree

  • Sounds like you can decorate your Christmas tree with fresh pears and an artificial partridge at the top instead of the star.
  • Why not prepare a dish from pear for Christmas dinner?
  • You could also gift fresh pear carat to them.

2. Two turtle doves

  • Get them turtle and dove Christmas decoration items for the X-mas tree.
  • Send them turtle-shaped cookies.
  • What about a dove pendant?

3. Three French hens

  • Make a hen roast for the third-day meal.
  • Did nobody think of sharing some French fries?
  • A French perfume would be awesome as well.

4. Four calling birds 

  • Gift them an alarm clock with bird chirps sounds for the fourth day.
  • Send them four love birds.

5. Five gold rings 

  • Five glazed donuts with golden topping would be miser so you can mess with the numbers here.
  • Buy onion rings for the fifth day.
  • Get a ring game for them.

6. Six geese a-laying 

  • A down pillow.
  • Make egg-based cocktails at home.
  • Cook deviled eggs for breakfast or lunch.

7. Seven swans a-swimming 

  • Since this one could be hard to think of, you can buy a home air-filled pool bath for kinds on the 7th day of Christmas.
  • Purchase swan themed items.

8. Eight maids a-milking 

  • This day in the midst of winter is for 8 glasses of hot chocolate for 8 people on the 8th day.
  • Shop for milk-based skin products for your love.
  • Purchase them milk chocolates.

9. Nine ladies dancing 

  • A digital dancing game would be awesome too.
  • Host a dance night or at-home prom.

10. Ten lords a-leaping 

  • A skipping rope since it is useless to buy 10.
  • Purchase them a royal robe or cloak for cosplay.

11. Eleven pipers piping 

  • A flute for a music freak as the pipers piping.
  • Piping bags and modern nozzles for the baker.
  • And a windchime for all.

12. Twelve drummers drumming 

  • Once again, for the music lover- present a drum set.
  • Eat chicken drumsticks with them.

Conclusion: 12 Days 0f Christmas

The twelve days of Christmas gift in its first versions is nowhere related to any Christian faith pillars. There are more versions that include some sailing ships and such stuff. It is time for Christmas. So, you better get ideas for the 12 days of Christmas at hand for surprising or having fun with the closest of your friends.

Merry Christmas!

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