Which One is the Best CMS Platform in 2023 Between Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress?

The three of them are very widely used content Management Systems (CMS). Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. Yes, these are free software, and all are PHP and MySQL-built. Does this mean that interchangeably they can be used? It isn’t real. There are significant variations between these, and you have to pick the most suitable according to your business goals and requirements. We will present the features, advantages and disadvantages, and business scenarios that you should consider when selecting CMS, which means as your name suggests-it lets you handle the content without having to deal with code directly. You may attach your content to the background using a basic editor, and the CMS will show according to your preferences to the guests. 

Second, all these are self-hosted techniques to download the program with your Web hosting network. All the underlying code is fully accessible, which allows you much flexibility. However, you do have the duty to manage and protect your site (or to employ someone for you) around the same time.

If a CMS is created, users can make improvements and adjustments, as needed, without relying on a web designer or developer to create simple changes to their website. CMS is flexible and SEO-friendly, and WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are also the Top 3 CMS that are the most commonly used today. The closest comparison of the best CMS for websites you can obtain is here.

What is the difference between Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress?

Both three dominate the CMS room, which covers 71% of the market. The toughest question is which one you choose because all three can be used freely and are free software. WordPress owns almost 58 percent of all best CMS for websites. Afterward, with 7 percent of the market, Joomla is far behind, and Drupal is near the back. Although WordPress offers you a stable lead, Joomla and Drupal can’t ignore significant advantages over WordPress. Drupal is the best CMS for website, published by Dries Buytaert for the first time in 2001. In particular, for non-technically active consumers, CMS systems have revolutionized the way people create websites.


After WordPress and Drupal, it is considered as the most popular content management system. Joomla is the latest CMS released in 2005 but has gained immense public attention because it is an excellent tool for creating websites. Many millions of sites use as the best CMS websites for enjoyment, education, innovative technologies, etc. It also has a substantial open-source group around the world that works to sustain its participants, arranges activities, and supports others to develop it. It lies between Drupal and WordPress in terms of the ease of use and customization.


  • It is a platform for open sources 
  • Simple license accessibility 
  • Facility to use 
  • There are several thousand models and topics available 
  • You can migrate easily


Drupal is the oldest but the best CMS platforms in 2020 but is in the third position in terms of prominence. The market share was reported in 2001 and covered 4%. Drupal’s focus is on ensuring robust safety, reliable performance, and personalization. Millions of sites operate on Drupal, including government websites, e-commerce, and websites for educational purposes, etc. It has over one million committed web developers, teachers, policy builders, authors, etc. It has a large open-source group. Besides, the working groups meet in various parts of the world. Drupal activities are also arranged to encourage users to learn and develop their skills. 


  • It has over a million committed software developers, trains, policymakers, and publishers. 
  • It is a vast open software network. 
  • Besides, group members tend to meet in different regions of the world. 
  • Drupal also organizes events that encourage users to learn and develop their skills.


It’s the world’s most famous CMS platform. It has around 27% of websites worldwide, giving it a significant market share of 59%. It was launched in 2003 and has grown into a full Content Management System in less than 20 years. It has an individual user-friendly approach, i.e., it gives users who don’t know how to code to build a full website a straightforward and highly scalable platform. Various industries and experts use WordPress to run their companies. Popular publications like the New York Times, BBC America, and Brian Smith are using WordPress as a best CMS platform in 2020 for websites, forums, etc. It has an immense global population of millions of individuals, entrepreneurs, architects, designers, and even volunteers. Various regional or national groups also host activities such as Word Camps to address the latest developments and research in the field.


  • Easy to use 
  • For beginners, it is best considered 
  • The plugin and prototype feature has been pre-installed 
  • It allows a great deal of adaptation to a subject 
  • More than 45000 plugins are available

What’s Common in WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal?

In technology, philosophy, and identity, all three of the website’s most common CMS express a lot. 

  • All free and open source applications available under GPL are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • These three are primarily written in PHP. 
  • They all endorse MySQL as the framework for data processing. WordPress supports MySQL exclusively, while Joomla and Drupal uphold other structures.
  • All three use topics and templates to view pages, apps, modules, or plugins for improved functionality. 
  • These are both community-driven projects as free software.

While there are many parallels, in other ways, they are different. They have numerous policies, for example, on how to use modules and models in the core program, how to manage the protection, etc. Such variations impact users significantly and how they create their websites. That being said, let’s see how WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal make comparisons with each other to choose the best CMS platform in 2020 for your company to construct a website.

Conclusion: The content management system should be selected according to the company’s core requirements. In general, WordPress is more popular than Drupal and Joomla and is the most prominent among the choices.

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Sushma M.
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