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13 Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Knock Knock! It is Halloween time. Halloween time is for ghosts and goblins, witches, and hats; it is the time to get dressed and have the pumpkin at your table. Halloween 2020 will take place on October 31. This Celtic festival is popular throughout the world and is celebrated with huge pomp and show. Celtic believed that on October 31 the ghosts of the dead people visited earth, and hence the people used to light up bonfires and take other precautions to ward off the ghosts.

halloween party ideas for kids

In case you want to make your Halloween special for the kids, then read through this article to find some exciting Halloween party ideas for kids

Toilet Paper Mummy Games:

This is an excellent DIY Halloween game that you can set up for your munchkins. All you need to do is form a team of 3-4 people, and then someone will wrap the kids in their team with toilet paper. If you are looking for interesting Halloween games for kids, you can choose this one.

halloween games for kids party

Pop the Orange Balloon:

Another crazy but fun idea for Halloween and your kids will love this. Pop the orange balloon tops the kids’ list of the kids Halloween party games, which is highly popular across many countries. Here you put a small chit of paper inside the orange balloons while blowing it up. The chit of paper will have the name of the kids written with the prize names alongside. Then it would help if you placed the orange balloons in the shape of a pumpkin, and the kids will pop the balloons to find the ideas of the surprises inside. The gifts revealing part are indeed exciting, and the kids’ faces glow with joy when they find out about their gifts.

Pin the Face on the Pumpkin:

If you are looking for fun Halloween games for kids, then you can choose this without a second thought. Here you make a pumpkin out of tissue paper, and you cut some papers resembling the noose and eyes of the pumpkin. Then you blindfold the kids, and the child who van correctly pin the faces on the pumpkin in the blindfold condition becomes the winner.

Halloween Charades:

If you are looking for exciting Halloween party games for kids, you can choose Halloween charades. This is an interesting version of the dumb charades game. You can find the printable Halloween charades on the online stores or even create one yourself. Here your kid will pick up an image of her choice, and then he needs to enact it to the other team members, and his team members need to guess the image. You can create many interesting versions of this category.

For instance, you can choose weird characters or Halloween objects as images. You must include this game amongst the other games for Halloween party Halloween photo booth: Setting up the Halloween photo booth is a common but an interesting idea to keep the kiddos entertained. It would help if you pasted the scene setter on the wall to create the background and the kiddos enter the booth to take photographs.

Candy Skeleton:

Here, you choose a spooky skeleton and then fill the empty regions of the skeleton with Halloween foods like candies, cookies, donuts, etc. After completing the decoration, you need to set this up on the dining table. Your kiddos will love this, and this great idea will keep your guests entertained.

Halloween Pizza:

You can make a Halloween pizza with very little effort. You need to combine the delicious ingredients and bake a pizza. It would help if you were careful about the toppings to create a spooky effect. You can get creative with the idea of toppings. For instance, you can create ghostly figures with the melting cheese, or you can use more of ate ketchup to carte the blood effect. The Halloween pizza can spruce up the kids Halloween party.

Halloween Treat Bags:

Kids love treats at the end of the party. It will be better if you ask the kids to decorate and fill the treat bags. The kids can use their imaginative skills while filling and decorating the bags. They can use stickers or decorative items to make the nags more attractive.

ideas for halloween treat bags

Pin the Bow on the Bones:

If you are bored of playing the traditional games and if you want to try out new Halloween games, you can arrange for this game for the kiddos In this crazy Halloween party game, you draw a scary looking skeleton on a black chart paper, or you can also buy the readily available ones from the online stores. Then you blindfold the kids, and the kids need to pin the ribbons on the skeleton’s bones. The kid who can finish this activity in the lowest possible time becomes the winner. This fun game entertains the kids, and also this game is educational as they come to know about the different bones in the human body.

Halloween Face Painting:

Your kids will love the face painting game Halloween. Here you paint spooky things on your kid’s face, and they go around scaring the other guests. However, ensure not to use too harsh chemicals on your kid’s face else, they can have rashes or other skin issues.

halloween face painting ideas

Cookie Decorating Station:

Decorating the cookies and cupcakes can be a fun adventure for the kids. You can make the cookies and cakes resemble different characters. You can help the kids curate lollipop ghosts, pumpkin-shaped cakes, etc. Your kids can curate different decorative things and the help of DIY items and use them to decorate the cookies and cakes.

Pumpkin Mini Golf:

This is an amazing Halloween party idea for the kids. Curating this is relatively simple. All you need is a cartable pumpkin with an open face, and a small ping pong ball, and an envelope stuck in the open mouth of the pumpkin. You will also need a mini-golf bat. Then you help your kid to hit the ball into the open face of the pumpkin. If your kid can hit it high, then he becomes the winner. You can find all the items mentioned here online, or you can make one.

Egg and Spoon Race:

The egg and spoon race is one of the most favourite Halloween party ideas for the kids. You can get more creative; you can decorate the egg to create a spookier effect.

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Pumpkin Decorating Station:

Pumpkin decoration has been a popular trend for many years. Nowadays, people use many different ideas for the decoration of pumpkins. You can get innovative here and use different DIY methods to decorate the Halloween pumpkin. 

pumpkin decorating ideas

Above are the ideas to have an amazing Halloween party for the kids. You can choose any idea at your convenience. These Halloween game ideas will make your Halloween party more interesting. 

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