How do I Get Rid of the Pesky Email Tracking?

If you are wondering how to stop tracking your emails, then you have landed in the right place. It would help if you considered this when checking your e-mail next time: odds are, at least some of your messages are registered.

The act of reading an email will send surprising amounts of data back to the sender even though you will never answer, from as much as you open your post, the time of day, and even in what city you are in. The profiles created by these organizations can be remarkably exhaustive using these facts. Many do not even know that they are followed; only those who seem to agree that daily monitoring is the cost you pay for being online. Since the information collected by these organizations is commonly used for marketing specific advertisements, it is a security risk and a privacy breach to get this information out of your reach. Nobody can too freely give away their privacy rights.

how to block email tracking

All the ungodly publicity e-mails crowding your mailbox do not merely push a commodity. They even monitor how you opened the file if you opened it and if you were using apps like Mail Chimp to provide software for monitoring in the post.

What is the way it works, and how to block email tracking? Let’s dig into this crucial information

The mail normally (and not always) concealed inside an image or connection includes a single pixel to trace. As the email opened, the pixel code returns the information to the server of the firm.

Browse below to see how to stop email tracking or how to avoid being tracked:

Track the trackers- stop email tracking like a pro.

If it is too uncomfortable to fiddle with your e-mail settings or you are curious about who could keep up with how much you read your letters, then another alternative is open. There is also a range of browser plugins that block pixels while warning you about emails containing trackers.

Pixel Block is a simple Chrome extension that blocks loading imagery, and when it detects a tracker, it shows a red-eye on the message top.

Likewise, Tracker, available for Firefox and Chrome, can display pixel trackers and recognize connections being followed.

stop tracking email

And Chrome Ugly Email extension notifies you before you have a message opening about the existence of potential trackers in your mail.

While specific trackers will sometimes sneak by with extensions, they can also recognize the most apparent perpetrator. This also gives a good look at the way email monitoring is commonplace.

How Cookies Track you on the Internet

Cookies are little bits of text placed on your browser by a website, depending on your website and the items you click on. This text is then read as you come back to the web, allowing you to “recognize” it and re-create your choice. This allows you to stay logged in to a site until you log out intentionally. These cookies are considered cookies of the first party because they come straight from the website you visit.

Cookies from third parties are put by third parties on your computer — not you, not the website you visit, but confidential services of publicity. These publicity providers will then track the device from site to site and see which blogs and subjects you are interested in improving your advertising. You should also monitor your online activities thoroughly.

First parties are mostly helpful cookies, and third-party cookies pose specific questions about privacy. Fortunately, cookies from third parties can be easily isolated. The following methods can prevent or block cookies from third parties Sans Souci.

Ways to Block Online Tracking

Browser add-ons

An anti-tracking plugin extension is one of the easiest things you can do to disable third-party cookies. The Privacy Badger of the Electronic Frontier Fund uses algorithms to understand which third parties choose to block when disconnecting users. Ghostery enables consumers to opt to give third-party trackers authorization or not. Both three browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox are available.


We recommend either Ad Block Plus or uBlock Origin for those who are searching for robust and advanced adblocking software. These plugins need a little more user experience, so they restrict scripts and applications from third parties. This protects your records and allows you to unread the web pages you visit before you see which scripts are to run.

Do not Click the Link

It is never advised to open links in the email, which especially applies to links seeing the email’s content. If the email is linked to the email’s content, just click if it is ok to let the sender know you have read it.

Clearing and Blocking Third-Party Cookies

stop tracking email

Once you have received your cookies from a third party, they will keep track of you for months unless you clean your computer daily. All of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge options allow you to clear cookies for third parties. These browsers often have options to restrict third parties’ abilities to have cookies on your computer, but they are usually less efficient than the above browsers.

Search Engines that will not Track you

Internet highways are search engines. You take us straight to our desired material. They also document and sell your search history, which is the same as the sale of their search history with specific users. It would help if you had not watched your IP address and recorded your search history, as search engines such as DuckDuckGo or Qwant because you can access private information.

Use a VPN or Tor

It would help if you used a VPN to avoid being monitored by your user’s IP address. This traffic is routed via the VPN server of your choice and replaces your IP address with this VPN server’s IP address. Be sure you only use reliable VPN providers, and you are tied to the backbone by a provider you want to view and record your business online. Alternatively, you can also use the Tor Anonymity Network, which encrypts your traffic while simultaneously routing it through several servers around the world when speed and efficiency are not significant considerations.


No total anonymity is available on the Internet, but you should take constructive measures to minimize your visibility. Since you can trace yourself electronically, you can use a variation of the above approaches to achieve optimum security. But even though you use only a few of these resources, the number of information web trackers will gather from you and allow you to regain ownership of your data can be significantly reduced.

If you protect yourself from emails that have been monitored, you can respond to e-mails at your rate and save yourself from scams.

Email tracking is a necessary but effective tool for monitoring the majority of inboxes. Usually, it uses a minute pixel image that is not visible to you attached to your mail. Still, when you open the email, the image will be downloaded from a server, and the server will record the tracking agency data. These trackers differ in inaccuracy. Some of them are similar to reading receipts which inform you when and how often emails are read, while others track clicks and downloads.

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