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How to Delete Games in PS4 in an Easy-Peasy Manner

Gaming has become an integral part of people’s lives these days. Some of the space games PS4 are so powerful that they can keep you hooked to your screen for hours. If you are a fan of PS4 and if you are wondering how to delete games on PS4 or how to uninstall games on PS4 then you are at the right spot. Before we talk about the steps of deletion let’s get some ideas of the basics:

Types Of PS4

When the PlayStation 4 was first released in 2013, only a 500GB model was available. This means that all buyers are at the same level in terms of memory capacity and console capacity. But seven years later, You couldn’t even afford the new PS4 model now released. Retailers currently only stock new modified PS4 Slim or 4K compatible PS4 Pro models. This means there are currently three different PS4 models available worldwide. All PS4 games help to play but there are some differences.


Benefits of PS4

Below we have listed some of the benefits of PS4 that is worth noticing:

1. 4K resolution:

The game is limited to 1080p, but the controller supports media playback up to 4K resolution. The control center is associated with your TV through an HDMI link.

2. Customization:

You can customize the controller as required. Many third-party companies may purchase controllers with custom color schemes for an additional fee.

 3. Share Button Feature:

The share button allows you to capture video and take screenshots of the game that you can share with your friends using PlayStation Network, Social Media, or Twitch. TV site.

4. Touchpad:

Sony has built a touch screen and share buttons in the DualShock 4 controller to make the controller easier to operate and support games in the game that will be streamed directly to friends.

How to delete a games on PS4

1. Select “Settings” on the home screen.

2. Select storage.

3. Select “System Storage” to delete the game from the hard drive under your PS4. If you have an external drive connected to your PS4, you can select “Extended Storage” to remove the game from there.

4. Select the application.

5. You will see a list of installed games and the number of hard drives they are using. Introducing games that need to be deleted using a Controller.

6. Press Options on Controller and select Remove.

7. Select the game you want to delete and select “Delete”. Select OK to confirm your decision.

Uninstall content from PS4

The game is easy to uninstall from PS4. Just go to the game in the game menu and highlight the game you want. When highlighted, press the Controller Options button and select Remove from the menu. After confirming your selection, the game will be uninstalled.

The saved file will be saved elsewhere on your PS4 and should be left alone. If you are asked if you want to delete the application data the rest of the time, choose not to keep the saved file. Otherwise, select Yes. If you want to manually delete a saved file, go to Settings> Manage Application Data the rest of the time> Data stored in System Storage.


Thus enjoy the next generation of gaming through PS4 and delete and play new games like a pro through the steps discussed above.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
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