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Tips for Sharing your Screen Like a Pro During Video Calls on the Telegram App

Telegram is one of the free and open cross platforms which have some special appeal of its own. The main thing is that by telegram, you can get end-to-end encrypted video calling, file sharing, group screen sharing, group video call, and other features as well. You can send messages, download videos and movies, photos and chat with other persons also. You can also create groups of 200000 people for broadcasting to unlimited audiences. Telegram allows the participants in a particular group video calling for sharing the mobile screen and displays the several documents and videos whatever they want others to see. You can consider installing the telegram new update to enjoy other features.

group video call

Here on this web page, we will discuss about this step by step by which you will understand the entire process for sharing your screen during video calls on the telegram app and on the telegram group. Screen sharing is as a feature for several work-related conference calls. But make sure this feature can come for personal calls as well. Let’s have a look for the same on this web page-

group screen sharing
  1. First, open the Google Duo app on your android device, and after that, select the particular person you want to do the video calling.
  2. Then tap the “video call” button for beginning the call. 
  3. Next, after the call has been answered, you will watch the few buttons which is just across the bottom of the screen. Then you need to tap the screen if that is disappearing. Later on, select the button with the three stars for bringing up more options. 
  4. Next, you have to tap the screen share option, which is important.
  5. Then the message will disappear, and you can explain that the screen sharing will give you the information shown on your display. Tap the start now button for beginning if you are okay with that. 
  6. Then you can also choose the “share audio” option if you want to share the audio from videos or apps on your screen. 
  7. Then only your screen will be shared, and you can also leave the Google Duo app and go show anything on your tablet or phone. Here, you can see one red cast icon in the status bar, which can indicate you while sharing your screen. 
  8. Last but not least that if you want to stop the screen sharing option, then just go back to the duo video call screen and then tap the screen share option again, which will not end up the video call. 


These are the processes by which you can easily do screen sharing and enjoy group video call while you want to show something from your screen. Nowadays, most people are using this telegram and using this screen sharing feature on this telegram. So, if you follow the upper mentioned points, you can surely enjoy the features of this screen sharing on telegram. 

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
Sushma M. is an experienced digital marketer with vast knowledge in related domains such as SEO, SMO, PPC, Google Analytics, Google Search, and Content Marketing and runs her own blog Digital Sushma.

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