Tried and Tested Google Ads Strategies for Higher ROI

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the core method that is typically used for getting organic search engine results and thereby, traffic to the website. Paid Advertisement is a method where the owners of the ad space are paid to advertise so that the target audience could be reached. Some common categories of paid advertisement are pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-impression (PPI) and of course, display ads. So, let’s delve into the world of Google ads strategies to see how we can make paid advertisements run for optimum results and they could give us a higher ROI. 

First off, what are the benefits of paid advertisements?

As you engage a digital marketing agency for your brand enhancement, there are several benefits you get out of such paid advertisements. One such benefit is that of higher brand visibility. The first thing that you notice when you are successful in your paid advertisement is getting bigger brand visibility. The website would rank first on the Search Engine Return Page (SERP) and that would create awareness about your brand.

The entire idea of PPC advertisements and other Google ads strategies for higher ROI is targeting specific keywords which the target consumers of your business might use to search for the products you are selling or services you are providing. This would mean that these advertisements are particularly meant for those who are interested in your service, thereby ensuring direct conversion. 

Tips and Tricks for Higher ROI

Now that we are aware of the various benefits of such advertisements, let us look at a few Google ads strategies for higher ROI:

First things first, you would have to select the right keywords for your campaigns. The last thing you would want to do is filling your paid campaigns with keywords that your target consumers would not ever search for.

Now, do not forget to check the match type so that you can check the reports and narrow down the search as well. This would include the exact, phrase, and broad match phrases which your target consumers are likely to search for.

Next up, always keep an eye on the quality of the landing page and the advertisement in general. You would not want your consumers to click on an advertisement due to a certain keyword and then visit the website to not find the exact thing they were looking for.

Also, you have to prevent click fraud on your PPC Ads otherwise a lot of PPC advertisers will waste their budget on fake impressions and clicks by people or bots who are fraudulently clicking on your ads, then it can mean you’re paying for clicks that aren’t real.

This would improve your quality score and the rate of conversion while decreasing the bounce rate as well. A responsible and user-friendly web page that has all details related to the service you are providing is crucial. You must always ensure that there is a call-to-action visible so that the consumers know what to do once they are on the website. Several Google ads strategies can be used to bring in higher ROI was by increasing traffic, boosting sales, and growing the brand’s awareness. Should you want to know more about the same or get in touch with experts for your brand, contact a digital marketing agency today!

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
Hi, I am Sushma M. an experienced digital marketer with vast knowledge in related domains such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing. I am also a Blogger and run my own blog, Digital Sushma. Lately, I have started researching and analyzing the latest innovations in the field of AI, ML, and Data Science and how these innovations can affect Internet Marketing.

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