Useful Tips for Beginners in CS 1.6

The first thing to note is that CS is an unusual game, and it can easily be called a breeding ground for cheaters because of its old engine. There are so many cheats on the Internet that it is impossible to get rid of them.

So if you want to use an unfair way to play, you had better close this article, but if you’re going to become a good player in CS 1.6, this article will teach you a little bit of this. If you do not have CS you an download CS 1.6 here.

CS 1.6

Tips for Beginners in CS 1.6

  • Try to quickly buy weapons, as, on many servers, the time to purchase is limited (10-15 seconds).
  • Many of the more experienced gamers are advised in the first round to buying nothing at all and save the money for the next game, in case if the team does not win the first round, it would be possible to buy some more or less good weapons.
  • There is no need to compare CS 1.6 with other shooters, where your main task is to defeat the enemy quickly. Act depending on the situation and the team. If you’re playing for a CT, it’s better not to run forward headlong because your main task is to protect the “plank,” so protect it! If you play as a terrorist, then your main goal is to get to the point where you have to put the bomb and not only set it up but also blow it up. In this situation also – do not run like hell, act carefully, use tactics.
  • When there are few members in your team or you’re left alone, try, do not create noise when you move.
  • Move shifty (Shift) – this will give you a slight advantage.
  • Try to listen to the steps. It is better to play with a headset because you will hear your footsteps, and with the headset, it will be easier to orientate and understand what side the footsteps come from.
  • When you are running, for example, running from your opaque, you should do it using a knife – it increases the speed of movement and will get to the right place.
  • On large, open maps try not to move in a straight line, zigzag. Otherwise, you will become an easy target for snipers.
  • Do not turn on the flashlight unnecessarily, as it makes you more visible, both in dark places on the map and in the light.
  • If you are trying to jump on some box but can’t do it – you should press your legs together (press “squat”) when jumping. If squeezing your feet doesn’t help, then ask your companion to give you a lift.
  • If you jump from a great height, you should straighten up at the end of the jump (if you jumped sitting down) in order to have less impact force.
  • Try to climb stairs sitting up, this reduces the noise.
  • It is not necessary to run with an activated sight at the AWP or rapid-fire guns. And all the more do not need to shoot with sniper rifles on the move – in 99% of cases you will not hit where you were aiming.
  • Try not to stand close to the thin walls, glass, etc. Remember that most walls and doors on maps are well shot.
  • If there is no strong need, then try not to open the door, as the door creates additional noise and alerts your enemies to your location. If the door does need to open – do it sitting down, so there will be much less noise.
  • If there are cars on the map, we advise you not to use them because you can kill your partners, and most importantly, the accuracy of firing is much less.
  • Do not run and shoot because the scatter increases very much. If you shoot sitting down, the spread is minimal. When shooting standing, it is more, and when shooting on the move, just huge.

Do not shoot when you’re on ladders, ropes, and so on, because this makes the spread just uncontrollable, and the chance that you will kill someone is reduced to zero.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
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