Tips from the Professionals on the Game Counter-Strike 1.6

Many players in Counter-Strike 1.6 do not just want to get fascinating entertainment that will help brighten up their leisure time, but they seek self-development and constantly develop their skills in this game.

Moreover, everyone is well aware that the best source of information – is the advice of more skilled and better yet professional players who have many years of experience with this game and know it thoroughly, having studied all aspects of the game up and down. If you are also a beginner and decided to find something new that could help you in your professional growth, we prepared this material just for you.

The Basics of the Game

First of all, you must understand that the Counter-Strike game is not a simple shooter – (Download CS 1.6 here ), and you should not give in to the adrenaline. The most crucial thing in this game is calmness, and it is three times more important for snipers, that need to take only balanced and cold decisions in the most responsible situations. It is only natural that not everyone can remain calm as the game progresses. Still, you need to learn to control yourself and understand that any panic and worry will eventually lead to ill-considered and often downright wrong decisions.

To learn how to plan your actions and choose the best style of play, practice on standard servers and decide which variant of motion is more preferable for you. After that, try to watch a few professional games, choose the player with a parallel style from the top teams, and watch his replays, carefully studying all the structures and subtleties of gameplay on his behalf. It should be said straight away that you should watch replays and not get carried away by the highlights (nice clips), because the main information you can get from a detailed study of all the subtleties of the game.

If whilst watching these pro games you want to have a little stake in the result, it could be entertaining to place bets at on the outcome for counter-strike-themed rewards and cash prizes. This might encourage you to watch more and thus learn more.

Getting Started

The starting amount on any standard server in the first round is $600, and this amount should be spent wisely. Most beginners will buy the Desert Eagle (B1-4), which has the highest damage value of any pistol in the game, but it is not optimal. If you are not a master of this weapon, and you have not yet learned how to shoot with a particular gun thoroughly, it is best to get used to the starting weapons of each side, as the starting guns also have certain advantages.

For the ST gun in general, is so good that often many terrorists do not lose the opportunity to exchange it for their own after killing the enemy. It has good fighting power and accuracy, which allows it to effectively shoot enemies, even if they have assault rifles. Actually, that’s why the ST is more likely to win the “plum” rounds when, in theory, they should have originally lost in order to get more money in the next round.

For T, the starting gun has not as much power and accuracy, but its advantage is a good ammo, and the fact that when it hits the enemy’s head, the sight twitches a lot, which makes it extremely effective at close range. It is recommended to change the purchase of grenades and armor from “O” (by default) to “V” or any other one that will be convenient for you to press with “W” pressed, as this will allow you after the start of the round to run and buy everything you need immediately.

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Sushma M.
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