Best Apps That Pay You Back for Android

Best Apps That Pay You Back for Android

You have a smartphone in your belongings on which you have spent k’s to purchase it. However, you are sitting idle unknown to the full potential of the small portable gadget at hand. It is time to make the best use of it and make some money by using the best apps that pay you back for android.

I know you are excited, so let us jump to the 7 best apps that pay you back for android. Make money for free, even when you are doing your own work.

7 Best Apps That Pay You Back for Android

Google Pay

Google Pay has been one of the most popular online transaction applications so far. It is a must-have for everyone holding a physical bank account. If you do not have it installed yet, then download now!

Google Pay has rewarded with scratch cards that hold a particular amount of money. Once you earn that sum, it gets transferred to your bank account straight away. All you got to do is make transactions or refer the app to your contacts. It is based on luck how much you earn. They come with big rewards during festivals as well. Apart from payback prizes, you have chances of winning vouchers and coupons for well-known brands.

Tez, now known as Google Pay, is one of the best free money-making apps that pay you back for android.

U Speak We Pay

Like the name says, ‘U Speak We Pay’ app pays its users for speaking. So, sit back at home and brush up your reading skills.

You have to install this application from the Play Store and install it on your smartphone. Once done, set up the language you speak fluently. When you select the record button, you will find sentences appearing on the screen. Complete the set of sentences by reading them out loud and clear. On successfully reading them all, you will be awarded free real money that would be transferred to your Paytm account.

You can also earn by referring U Speak We Pay app to your friends. The whole concept of this app is far different from the other applications. You can choose from a variety of languages only to speak!

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is yet another interesting application in Play Store. This application is not from any other company but Android itself.

Install Google Opinion Rewards on your device and start answering surveys. You will find hundreds of them that might be from the industry you work in. Be honest and give reliable feedback to the company. They only want your few minutes for product reviews and feedback. It not only benefits the company but you as well. Now you can earn in varying amounts from home in the form of credits.


PhonePe is another cash transaction application that awards you with vouchers. When you download this application for the first time and install it on your gadget, you get rewarded with some amount of money for the new account.

PhonePe is somewhat to Google Pay app with a few differences in types of rewards.

Pocket Money

Pocket Money is a free mobile recharge and wallet application. You get tasks in the applications worth 500 INR. Your earnings get transferred to your Paytm account when you gain a minimum amount of 20 INR. You have to install other applications through it. You can even get money for referring it to your friends and family.

Get discounts and cashback offers related to other brands in the Pocket Money app. There is no upper limit to how much you can earn. There are various types of tasks you can finish for earning some money, like watching videos, playing games, installing apps, and a lot more.

Make Money

When you will visit Make Money app on Google Play Store you will find it says ‘Free Cash App’ straightaway. It gives tasks related to surveys, watching videos, and feedback for you to earn credits. You can redeem those credits on PayPal

Easy, simple, and fast way of earning real money through an application.


I know what you are thinking! Faasos is an online Food order and delivery application, then how come it falls under the list of the best apps that pay you back for android?

Well, Faasos offers credit and cashback for every single referral followed by installation. You can redeem the money of PayPal.

Now the new Faasos users can utilize this offer to their benefit to earn money from home.

Conclusion: Best Apps that Pay You Back for Android

I hope you have come across the best apps that pay you back for android. These are brilliant applications that let you earn real money from home. Now work from home is so easy for pocket money when you have spare time to invest in something that adds up to your benefits.

So, download these applications from Google Play Store and start working on it as soon as possible to grow the stack.


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