10 Best Money-Making Apps that Pay Cash

We live in a time where there are endless opportunities for making revenue, be it any platform. In this blog, I would be telling you about the 10 best money-making apps that pay cash. Surprised? Well, this is tested and true for most people who are skilled in doing these businesses online.

I will share with you 10 apps that can earn you money and these are the best apps to make money fast so far. The money-making apps for Android and iOS are listed here along with the details about how they work. Now you can have multiple work-from-home options with these 10 best money-making apps you need to download.

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List of 10 best money-making apps that pay cash


Etsy is an amazing stage for artists. Especially those who create handicrafts other creative products. If you have the skill to create and sell, then Etsy is for you. One of the 10 best money-making apps that you need to download is Etsy. It lets you create your shop along with other facilities for managing customers and orders.

Meesho App

It would be surprising if you have not heard about Meesho yet. This Reselling app has gained a lot of popularity by now. 

Meesho falls under our category of 10 best money-making apps you need to download. If you are wondering why? Then let me explain to you.

Meesho is a reselling application. You should have a smartphone along with internet access to run the app. In this money-making app, you will find hundreds of wholesalers selling a variety of items at their wholesale prices. You must check the products and promote them to your contacts. To be straightforward, you have to become a business owner to sell the products. Here, you have the freedom to decide a profit margin from the selling price. Once sold, you can pay the wholesaler while you earn the profit decided. 

It is not easy to become a business owner in a day. It takes communication skills, convincing, and a lot of effort. Once you become skilled after continuous promotions, you will how you can earn as much as you sell.


Who hasn’t heard about Uber in most parts of the world? They provide transportation services. If you are looking for part-time work to make a few extra bucks, you can earn good legal money using the phone. The only requirement is knowing how to drive and a license. I have met almost hundreds of people who work for Uber for a side income while practicing their profession. 

Surveys On the Go

Surveys On the Go is my work from home options in this COVID-19 pandemic. All you must do is complete surveys honestly in return for money. The best part is that they pay you currency. No gift cards or credits, straightaway real money only. However, the number of surveys per month is less as compared to Google Opinion Awards.


Foap is money earning app available to Android. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional. If you love photography and aim to build a profession, Foap welcomes you to sell your work on its platform. You can earn 50% of the sale amount. The followers can rate your items as this improves visibility in the Foap Market. So do not hold back and start clicking some exclusive images now.

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Did anyone ever tell you that you can make money by unlocking your cell phone? If not, then download Slidejoy now. It is a phone lock screen app that pays you for unlocking your device.

Once you have signed up in the application, you can earn every time you unlock your phone. You get rewarded with a promotion every time. All you have to do is redeem the cash or gift cards.

With the carats you earn on Slidejoy by browsing their news content, you can redeem the gift cards on popular websites or even donate to charity.


TagMango is a valuable app for social media users. If you know about sponsored posts, you must also know that TagMango makes it easier to get the job done.

TagMango is a money-making app that lets you connect to various brands. Kudos to your bank account if you are already an influencer! These companies look for social media accounts with lots of followers. They take help from the influencers to make the customers trust their products. It is one of the legal money-making apps in India for Android and iOS.


Frapp is most famous among the students. It is like an interface between the students and the employers. No doubt it is signed under 10 best money-making apps that pay cash. 

Frapp is helpful to those looking for internships or jobs after completing their studies. It lets you experience the real practical work. Once the task assigned by the company is over, you get paid as per the contract or their policies.

Volunteering, event management, and ambassadorships are quite popular in Frappe.


Loco gaming app is an Indian application that is smartly programmed in various languages for the users. It is a must under 10 best money-making app that pay you cash as you get paid for playing games.

There is a lot of other money-making apps for Android and iOS, but Loco is considered the best of them. Now, Loco does not include action or adventure games. It is all about quizzes, trivia, and general knowledge. People who aim to score for professional courses and exams use this app majorly for learning. You play while learning a lot. When you are successful, you get rewarded and the money gets transferred to your registered Paytm bank account.

Google Opinion Awards

As the name suggests, you earn by giving your opinion. Google Opinion Awards is an app that pays you money in terms of points for answering surveys. You win Google Play credit rewards for replying to the surveys. Now, this does not mean randomly answering surveys for the sake of money. Any dishonest activity is detectable by the application. Google Opinion Awards fall under our list of the 10 apps that earn you money because they have a point system that you can use for purchases. However, this application should not be underestimated as these credits worth a fair amount.

Conclusion: 10 Best money making an app that Pay cash

In this article, we have covered 10 best money-making apps you need to download for Android and iOS.

Starting from gaming apps to the ones that allow you to work. These apps provide an opportunity base to work from home and earn real money all by yourself. There are a lot of other applications like YouTube, eBay, Amazon Seller, etc. You go for whatever suits your niche. These are 10 best money-making apps that pay cash in the present scenario. Hope you find the information useful.

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Sushma M.
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