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How to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social network platforms at present. If you’re are a business, influencer, or someone who wants to create a brilliant portfolio, then this blog is for you. Find out how to make money on Instagram with just a few simple ideas that have worked every time.

Spending lots of money on advertisements? Are you creating a hardbound photography portfolio? Where do you showcase your talent? Or are you still waiting for an opportunity to reveal your skills? No need to sit back. Now you will know how to make money on Instagram in no time. Instagram is a blessing to all as the best social media app in this era. It is one of the top money-making apps online.

So now let us proceed to find out how to make money on Instagram and make the audience turn their heads in your direction.

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How to make money on Instagram:

A step-by-step guide to make money from Instagram 2020

People think that gathering a few followers will get them going. They talk around their friends to ask others to follow their website. But this may or may not work in creating the influence you want to create. So, let us find out how to earn money from Instagram in proven ways.

Here are 10 proven ways to understand how to make money on Instagram:

Create Value Content:

Whatever you do, do it best. Be original. Remember that you will gain followers for the long term only when you produce value content. Be real instead of copying others. You get 2,000 characters for your caption. Use them wisely. Create engaging posts by researching other blogs. Look at their work on how they have boosted their accounts. Simply creating an account and posting everything do not help unless it is of quality as well as unique. Even if you know how to make money on Instagram, you won’t be making any without originality.

Post Frequency:

Ever thought your frequency of posting on your account affects the followers drastically? According to Tailwind, higher post frequency means more engagement in your account. The more you practice this, you will get better at it. This process takes time depending on what kind of content you are posting. Post every day at the right time. Either during work breaks, or weekends as most people use their cell phones at these hours.


I have personally observed the wonders of putting hashtags on my food blog thepantreepantry. It is best to research the most out reached hashtags for your product type and put it on your post. I do not like putting them on my captions as they look untidy. Instead, I have made a set of them to comment on my posts. People who follow those hashtags will randomly see your content and might end up following you. Free promotion, isn’t it? Take example of #instayum which has as much as 4.6 Million followers. Hashtags are basic but extremely important for finding out how to make money on Instagram. But do not overdo them.

Create Video Content:

Instagram has launched two engaging video tools recently. IGTV, where you can post videos that are up to 15 minutes long. However, the minimum time limit is 1 minute. The other one is Reels, the most recent feature, where you can display your creativity by creating a video for max 15 seconds. All these are appealing to the viewers more than a content that needs reading. Time is precious, so when you do, make something that gives back a good return. Now You won’t earn from creating videos, but there are a lot of businesses who would ask you to advertise in your videos. Plus. You can gain more followers with an engaging video. Once popular, you’ll be receiving a lot of promotion requests.

Sell Your Creation:

It is a great platform where you would not even need a website to sell products. Businesses are growing every day on Instagram. You can either sell products or your photos. Learn photography and get your angles right. For informational images, you can also add a few texts. People are watching through a screen, so make sure you capture appealing images. If you have trouble creating an online store, find one that sells them for you. Artembryo is a business on Instagram that sells artworks for other artists.

Sponsored Posts:

The trick is to create a sponsored post related to your targeted brand, apply a hashtag or mention them, and post it on your profile. You need to have a few thousand followers at least. Once you do so, you will get paid by the brand for promoting them. Now the fact going to draw you down Is the number of followers and whether you post as per the brand’s posting strategy. Find a good brand whose products you trust. Promote them and let people know about them. Businesses want sales. If they gain good sales, then you will get paid well. Even the brands send their requests to the influencers to create sponsored posts. 

Affiliate Marketing:

Promote affiliate links by joining such programs. Then you can gain a commission on your sales. When your Insta blog has a good audience base, you can join communities for affiliate links. The only condition is to let the audience know you are using an affiliate link. The Instagram links are not clickable, so you can put them in your bio or make a call to action for your creator or business account. Jane with her username mymidlifefashion uses these links for affiliate marketing as she has almost 23.6K followers.

Charge for Blog Promotions:

Once you have a solid ground of an active profile with millions of followers. That is when you can help the small local businesses grow. Text them for promotions but, do not do it for free. Take an average commission fee by guaranteeing a range of followers. However, be certain about how many followers you would be able to help them gain. It can ensure a good number of followers by letting them be seen in a completely different zone. It is one of the easiest tricks on the step by step guide to make money from Instagram.

Create Instagram Filters:

It is no doubt that Instagram would not pay you for providing them interesting story filters. The general audience enjoys them. More than 400 million people create and watch stories every day. Since the content is short, they highly engage the viewers. Many brands produce filters only to promote their brands and sell the products. This is one of the top ways in our list of how to make money on Instagram.

Online Contests:

Many contests are held these days. This step works wonders. If you are an authorized company, go for it! Hold a contest related to your work, and you will see entries flowing in. In return, provide a worthy prize to the winner. Ask the participants to share your posts and receive an ample number of followers.


How to make money on Instagram In this article, we have covered the top 10 proven facts on how to earn money on Instagram. Gaining followers doe take time. However, it is no doubt that slow and steady wins the race. Once you know how to make money on Instagram, you can start working on them. Look around popular blogs and their strategies. You will learn how to play with these figures. The most important thing is to create the quality content of your niche for the audience.

Keep raising it, and you will see the progress itself. Instagram promotion rates are as low as Rs. 80 for promoting for a few hours with a lot of options for pausing and resuming according to your time. You can use the filters to aim at the desired viewers. There are no ways to bring you down except by yourself. Maintain your profile, and you will know how to make money on Instagram on an hourly basis.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
Sushma M. is an experienced digital marketer with vast knowledge in related domains such as SEO, SMO, PPC, Google Analytics, Google Search, and Content Marketing and runs her own blog Digital Sushma.

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