How To Choose Your New PC

Shopping for a brand-new PC is quite a challenging experience. There are many options and technical specifications that can make your head spin. For some, buying a new PC can be a tiring experience, especially when you aren’t sure what everything means.

If you are wondering what things you need to consider before buying a new PC, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to learn all about technical components and what they matter.

Laptop, Desktop, All-in-One

A straightforward way to narrow it down is to decide what type of PC you need. It all depends on your lifestyle and how you want to use it. For example, if you need to move around, you should opt for a laptop, or if you want to play the latest games, pick a desktop or all-in-one.

Laptops are perfect for mobility, especially if you plan to work remotely. However, they have a shorter battery life than the other options. Also, laptops are not upgradeable, so if a component breaks and cannot get replaced, you need to purchase a new one. Finally, liquids are their worst enemies, so even if laptops are water-resistant, that doesn’t mean they are waterproof.

Desktop computers have been a popular choice since the beginning. Business professionals and gamers choose this type of PC because of its performance. In addition, most components can be upgraded, thus giving gamers an advantage.

The all-in-one computer is perfect for limited space, as it is a combination between a desktop and a laptop. This type of computer is suitable for a working-at-home setup.


The newest CPUs have multiple processing units, which are called cores. The more cores a PC has, the more data it can process simultaneously. For example, the Intel i3 processor contains two cores, which means it can run one program at a time, for example, sending an email. However, it will not work well if you try to run at the same time AutoCAD and Photoshop.

If you go for the Intel i9 processor, it contains up to 10 cores. It means you can efficiently multitask between several programs. If your job involves 3D rendering, this is a valid option for your new PC. The downside is that a CPU with more cores will be more expensive than the i3.


The GPU is the most critical component that you should look at when considering your new computer. To play the latest A games, you need a powerful GPU to keep up. There are two types of GPU, integrated and discrete, the latter being the best choice in terms of performance.

Discrete GPUs are upgradeable, so you can always get the latest version for high performance. You can read more at about dedicated Intel graphics and why they are game changers for gamers and content creators.

Overall, getting a new computer requires a bit of knowledge and research to make a wise and informed decision. In addition, computers are necessary to accomplish daily tasks and are a source of entertainment; thus, choosing the right one can make a big difference.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
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