Learn How to Invite People to Like a Facebook page in 6 easy steps!

Did you just come across a Facebook page that you want to share? Do you like to know how to invite people to like a Facebook page that you recently created? You want to know how to ask people to enjoy a Facebook page.

And write exactly for that we have written a blog for you.

In this blog, we are going to discuss Facebook pages and how to invite people to like a Facebook page or even how to share it.

Now let’s be done with the introductions first on how to invite people to like a Facebook page.

What’s a Facebook page and How to Invite People to like a Facebook page?

You have some Facebook pages flying around Facebook here and there all the time. These are basically pages that are created by the owners who only have an account in the Facebook application. How Facebook pages are different from an account? we’re going to tell you that too.

Now if you talk about a Facebook page, it might be quite similar to the account but it actually has different features. The Facebook page includes a profile photo, a Cover Photo, Page Username, a Call To Action button, and an About section. The Facebook page also has a Review section. You can only create a Facebook page once you have already made an account on Facebook.

And How it is Different from a Facebook account?

In order to create a Facebook page, you need to create a Facebook account. Facebook account has a cover photo, profile photo, bio section, friends section, and news feed. Anybody and everybody can make an account on Facebook provided they’re 12+years of age.

A Facebook account is basically like a personal profile of a person who can post videos, photos, captions, or anything like that and accept a friend request or reject them. While a Facebook page, does not necessarily have to be made for business, but usually is only done like that. A page can be created for a lot of things- a meme page, a music page, an entertainment or art page, a donation page, or even a portfolio of a person.

You need to remember this:

You can’t create a Facebook page unless you have an account but you can always create a Facebook account even though you might not have a Facebook page.

There’s no limit to the creative side of the Facebook page. You can create more than one page at a time. And then add new admins. We’ve also got a blog on how to add an admin to your Facebook. You can check that out in case you’re looking forward to adding an admin to your Facebook page.

How to Invite People to like a Facebook Page on your Mobile?

1. Launch the Facebook app.

2. On the top beside the list of options, in the right extreme corner, click on the Hamburger option (three-line option).

3. From the list of options on the Menu page, select Pages. You now have come to the Pages you manage window. From here click on the page that you want to invite a friend.

4. Once you’re on the page, at the top of the page you can see the username underneath it there are a lot of options like overview, ads, notification, etc. Swipe to the right-hand side and you will find the three dots with more written beside them. Click on it.

5. On the More page, scroll down to the Grow Your Audience section. You can see four options-

Invite Friends

Copy Page Link

Share page.

From here, select Invite Friends.

6. On the search bar, you can type out your friend’s name or choose from the list below by ticking the boxes. And then, click on the Send Invite blue option at the bottom of the page. And the invite will be sent.

If you want to share the page link then again go to the previous page and share the link from the Copy Page Link or the Share Page button.

The above steps make it clear how to invite people to like a Facebook page on your mobile phone.

How to Invite People to like a Facebook page on a Desktop/Laptop?

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. On the left side panel, there are options. Click on the Pages option. Select the page you want to invite people to.
  3. Under the username, there’s a section with options like Home, Services, Reviews, etc. On the right side of those, there’s a Promote button and besides that, there’s a search option and besides that, there’s the three-dot option. Select that.
  4. A drop-down menu will appear. The list appears-

Like, Follow, Share, Create Page, Invite Friends.

Select the Invite Friends option and then select the friends you want to invite and then click on the Send Invitations button at the right side down corner of the page. And your friends will be invited.

These steps make it clear how to invite people to like a Facebook page on the Desktop/Laptop.

How to Invite a Friend to Like a Facebook Page?

You might have come across a good memes page on Facebook and want to invite your friends there. This page is not yours. You can like the page and at the same time invite friends to like the page or join the page. This is how to you.

  1. On Facebook, go to the page you wish.
  2. Then, underneath the page username, you’ll find the Home bar. Go to the right-hand side and click on the three dots option.
  3. Then click on Invite Friends and sent the Invitations.

Here these steps make it clear how to invite people to like a Facebook page.


Always remember to invite friends to good pages like community services and donations for NGOs. This feature of sharing and to inviting friends to like a Facebook page has helped a lot of users gain attention to what they need. This has also in a way, increased the audience of the pages and created a good engagement in the process.

Now you know how to invite people to like a Facebook page of your own or others and from both desktop and mobile, you can easily start sharing good content around the house. Next time you come, actress, a good entertainment friends, make sure your friends also see it. Why laugh alone? Invite people and share smiles around the world.

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