How to Promote Your Youtube Channel

Among all the social media platforms, YouTube has been the eldest and most used for video content. Best if you do not find a solution to most of your problems there. Employment on YouTube has gone up for years with hardworking digital creators. If you are good at something, do not hold back to show it off. YouTube is free for you to run a channel. The company awards you in its personalized way when you cross a certain number of subscribers. It is time you show know how to promote your YouTube channel. Start YouTube marketing now to progress because the videos get viral fast.

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YouTube Marketing: Ideas to Promote your YouTube Channel

We have prepared an exclusive list of 14 smart ways to promote your YouTube channel right here. Keep reading to know how the experts in YouTube marketing work.

YouTube SEO

SEO is not a new term for most webmasters and content creators. However, YouTube SEO is all about optimizing your YouTube channel. Let us check out how to promote your YouTube channel by using the right tools:

Keywords: Use specified and relevant keywords that are closest to your video. Remember that Google highlights videos from YouTube in its search. Do keyword research and use them in the video description as well as the title. This method improves the visibility of your video on YouTube and Google.

Metadata: Write clean and honest metadata to target what your video is about.

Subtitles: The audience prefers a video with subtitles rather than none. These closed captions improve the interaction quality of your channel as the visitors do not miss a word you say.

Tags: Tag does not directly affect your channel engagement. But using trendy and relevant tags allows you to appear under the ‘suggested videos’ list.

Engagement Overview: Keep a check on the behaviour of your viewers. Find out if they watch the full video or only half-way through. You must make sure that the audience at least clicks on your videos.

Optimized Short Description: Keep the description under the video short, attractive, and informative. Nobody likes to keep reading long paras. Limit the number of words used in the captions for your videos.

High Quality videos

Keep the video quality high. People tend to avoid videos with unclear graphics that break on the screen. Use lighting and start to learn to edit your videos. Make sure the length of your video. It should go well with the topic. Even the video size matters a lot.  It does not mean maintaining the graphic quality only; You must keep up with creative content as well.


Interact with the viewers. Reply to the comments, read their mails on your videos. Start a mini question & answer session for communication. When you communicate, you understand our audience and their demands. Go live to talk to the subscribers and let them talk with you. This is for the betterment of your channel.

Authentic Brand Collaboration

To reach the new target, collaborate in making videos with other creators. Collaboration is a great way for cross-promotion. You gain a whole different kind of audience to reach.


The frequency of posting is particularly important. You might as well start email marketing whenever you upload a video. Even if you upload one video every two weeks, make it worth the attention of all viewers. So, schedule post your videos once every week or however you prefer. Keep it original and relevant though.


When you have been uploaded a few videos, sort them in playlists. You can make a video series or put them under each type. This would allow the visitors to find what they are looking for with more ease. It might seem too basic, but it will definitely show you how to promote your YouTube channel.


We all know how annoying those- ‘Please follow my sister’s YouTube channel’- could be, especially when it is no use for you. So, understand that we do not follow them out of interest but rather friendship. So, it is more effective to share your videos to your blog or other social media platform. You find people who are genuinely interested in what you do. It is one of the new YouTube marketing strategies.

Feedback and Survey

Interact with the audience and ask them how they like your content. They would be the critics for your improvement. Plus, you could learn about different topics they might want to see you working on. Informative content proves to be far more engaging than the ones about personal lives. Ask why would someone be interested in your life? Provide them value and question yourself if there is someone who wants to learn about- ‘Dark chocolate brownie recipe’- instead.

YouTube Stories

Stories on YouTube is a new feature. They prove to be far more appealing for people randomly surfing around. Use it to your benefit.

Community Tab

Use community tabs for giving updates. Make your audience curious about your upcoming videos. Post questions and talk with the community.


Human lives revolve around trends. Keep up with the trends and mould them into your content. Do your research every week on what is going around to make your channel appealing.

Channel Trailer

You can make a channel trailer like a movie one. Show what you do, what your channel is about, and the rest in a few minutes. Graphics are the most attractive form of content towards which psychologically people bend.


Choose eye-catching images and edit it to make it relevant to your topic.

Behind the Scenes

Record behind the scene videos. People love to see how something is done before coming out to be creative. This works most of the time in the case of movies, stunts, magic shows, documentaries, and other such kinds of content.

Conclusion: How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

These are the 14 smart ideas to promote your YouTube channel. Start with these basic tactics for promoting your YouTube videos to gain more followers. Once you master them, you will automatically understand how YouTube works and what it means to be a YouTuber.

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Sushma M.
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