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Best Apps for Small Business

Are you an entrepreneur? Seems like you are starting a small business of your own. It is true it takes a lot to run a local business no matter if it is online or offline. Therefore, we have brought to you the 10 best apps for small business owners that would definitely help them in managing their tasks.

Here are the top 10 apps for small business owners:

Best Apps for Small Business Owners

Google My Business

Google my Business does an excellent job of helping the businesses make an online presence. Our era is digitalized in such a way that there is not much as such that you would not find online.

You should also make a unique account on Google My Business. You will receive live notifications about your business. You would be able to connect with the customers professionally and control all your business chains plus the activities.

This is one of the best apps for small business owners because it lets you make changes in real-time. You do not have to move to any ‘maintenance’ time for making these minor updates.

Book Keeper

Book Keeper is an accounting application exclusive for GST accounting, keeping up with the inventory as well as billing.

Book Keeper works offline, so you do not need an internet connection to run this app. You do not need any prior experience regarding finance and budgeting. You will be able to manage more than one bank accounts to track expenses and all other transactions. Apart from this, you can also send bills and emails online.

This application is easy to understand and track more than 25 different kinds of reports. So, download now from Google Play Store! Book Keeper as our best apps for small business owners is worth a try.


Buffer is a management application for posting on social media. You sure can make posts on your own. But it consumes a lot of time in posting to different platforms one by one. Buffer saves a lot of time by posting in all the social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

You can download it from the Play Store. It is one of the top apps for local businesses. It also displays analytical reports for each post. You can schedule all your posts and let it work on its own instead of worrying about forgetting to update you profile posts.

Buffer is also available in iOS versions. Get this top one of the best apps for small business owners.

PhonePe Business

PhonePe Business by PhonePe is a business version of the wallet for formal transactions of sales and purchases made to a business bank account.

The QR feature lets you generate multiple QRs for payment. Through PhonePe Business, you can put all the information one’s business needs, like the home delivery option, address, etc.

Another out of the box characteristic from PhonePe is PhonePe ATM. Any business owner can enable this feature to become a local ATM. You can help customers by providing them with cash while they send you money using your UPI. It serves as an indirect promotion for your local store. However, there is a minimum limit of Rs. 1000 for every exchange. This is a great opportunity for increasing business visibility.

Digital Udhaar Khata

Get your heavy investments in check with Digital Udhaar Khata. This application is available on Google Play Store for download. It records the assets, expenses, debit, credit, and all the other accounting fundamentals.

You can also generate a PDF of reports. The login and account registration are secure with one-time passwords sent to your phone number. If you lose any data, the backup trait will help you get it back.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has launched a new application linked to it for businesses. It the best apps for small businesses and big ones too. It is available in Google Play Store and iOS.

In this application, you can connect with your customers, display products, and give updates as well. There is a catalogue option for displaying the products with price and description. The ‘Business tools’ section lets you define your store profile and automatically generated messages.

Using WhatsApp Business’s ‘Labels’ you can tag a customer status for orders, pending payments, and rest. This application does wonders. This is the reason it has made up to our list of the best apps for small business owners.


Skype is a communication application. It works with an internet connection. You can use it for business meetings and the rest of the communication work. You get a unique account ID.

The international calls do not cost any roaming or ISD charges. Freely make an audio call or talk over a video one. You can send messages to other long with other fun emojis. Skype is a must-have for business owners and entrepreneurs.


IndiaMART, the ongoing sensation for the business owners. This application also has a website where you can get wholesale products from every part of India in all the available varieties.

IndiaMART is booming in every local business’s mind. If you are a wholesale or a manufacturer, you can go create an account there to sell your products as well. Do not get me mistaken, it not like Amazon and Flipkart. This is only for products to buy in bulk by negotiating prices in bulk.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is an organizing app for different tasks. With the free 25 MB space, you can upload files for different work. You can manage all your tasks by personalizing a daily routine.

Microsoft To Do is a well-programmed application to helps you manage all your tasks in your own way with multiple accounts at a time.

PayTM Business

PayTM used to be a mobile wallet which then upgraded to an online bank account with its own ATM cards. PayTM Business is an upgraded version of PayTM where you can take and send transactions related to business.

You have complete KYC to enable the full features. The QR code generated by PayTM Business works for most of the UPI applications. You can record sales under ‘Business Khata’ along with the customer details.

You can shop from the ‘Merchant Store’ for most essentials. There are many other features for basic recharges and business growth. Every business owner does have that PayTM QR sticker handy.

CONCLUSION: Best Apps for Small Business Owners

In this article, we have covered the top 10 small business apps in Android and iOS. All these applications are available in India and popular among the masses. Once you master these applications and their updates, you can easily use them for your benefit.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
Sushma M. is an experienced digital marketer with vast knowledge in related domains such as SEO, SMO, PPC, Google Analytics, Google Search, and Content Marketing and runs her own blog Digital Sushma.

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