How to Write an E-Book?

Digital books or e-books are every book worm’s paradise. There are many reasons behind the popularity of e-books over traditional books. The digital contents of the e-books can be accessed easily, and the readers get a privilege to read the books anytime and anywhere per their convenience. The e-books are portable and can be carried easily on digital devices. Editorial contents of the e-books are often accompanied by interesting images and visuals like images, charts, etc., which makes the content easy to understand. The marketers can make more profits by selling e-books rather than traditional books as e-books can be distributed easily with no additional cost of production.

Indeed selling e-books are profitable as many copies of the same can be sold at a relatively lower price. The digital formats of the e-books are also environmental friendly and printing costs and paper costs can be avoided. The best part is that e-books allow you to increase or decrease the font sizes per your convenience, and they can be stores on many devices.


Going through the plethora of benefits offered by e-books, one question that will pop into your mind is how to write an e-book or how to make an e-book? Well, don’t sweat it out, as, in this article, we have got you covered. Scroll down below to find all your answers with regards to writing and e-book publication. Let’s get started:

Steps on How to Write an E-Book


The planning stage is the most crucial aspect for e-book creation. Before you start writing the e-book, you must know about your audience. It would help if you chose a topic that will interest your audiences. E-books can be practically about anything, but it may be prudent for marketers to choose a topic that will align with the topics discussed in the other marketing channels. This way, the marketers can get their audiences more interested in the subjects of their choice. Setting p the pricing of the e-book also requires some planning. Before you set up your price, you must research how much your audiences are willing to pay for your e-book. You must check out the different platforms and determine how much the e-books are priced in different platforms, and accordingly, you must determine the prices. Check out how many e-books are sold on different websites, and you can determine the price accordingly.

Structuring, Designing, and Formatting: 

E-books can have the structure of a novel or a textbook. When you frame your content, it is mandatory to split the content into several chapters. It would help if you broke the discussion into several sections to make the content interesting for the readers. Supporting images and embedded links can spruce up the audience’s interest and can increase engagement. You ensure to design your e-book into a professional-looking document. Pdf formats are the most common type of formatting used for e-books. Other popular types of formats include electronic publication or epub, here texts can adapt to different platforms, and readers can read the content even on smaller devices. Mobi pocket reader software is also popular for kindle users. Apple users commonly use IBA or Apple book’s author app. Using the right colors and fonts will highlight your content, and highlighting quotes and statistics will add more value to your content.

Digital Book

Determining the CTA and converting your book into a version that can be printed:

CTAs are crucial for e-books as they will entice your visitor to arrive on a landing page or the product page and can boost your sales. Your e-books must be converted to the right file, preferably a pdf, so that the e-book can be displayed clearly on any device. If you want to edit the e-book later, you must save the same in an editable mode.

Selling, Promotion, and Tracking Sales: 

This is the last and most important step of your e-book publication. After your e-book is curated, you must leave no stones unturned to ell maximum copies of the game. You can promote your e-book to several marketing channels. You can also promote your e-book through blogs, or you can send emails to the contacts you had previously shown an interest in investing in your book. You can also publish interesting posts about your e-book on social media channels, and you must not forget to mention the link of your e-book in the posts. You can also check how many people downloaded your book.


Writing an e-book can be a profitable venture if you have mastered the art of selling the books. Follow the above tips to write and sell your e-book effective in 2021.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
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