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Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

Microsoft never abandons working for the benefits of its users. There always have to be at least three of their applications in every smartphone, tablet, and computer. They have a solution to every little management issue with their user-friendly applications.

Microsoft services are always available and guaranteed. Their security is up to date to keep the data safe. All its software easy to set up. Its apps are compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. You can use Microsoft 365 apps for business enterprises in up to 5 cell phones, 5 tablets, and 5 PC each for a maximum of 300 users.

Businesses need organizing which is extremely time taking. Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise is there to assist you in several tasks, thus saving a lot of time. 

We have listed 29 different applications from Microsoft 365 for apps business that every enterprise must own. 

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Microsoft 365 apps for Business 

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is a combination app for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can manage all three apps in one place on your smartphone. It is a basic part of Microsoft 365 apps for enterprises.


Microsoft Word is programmed for writing and editing documents along with various features for inserting images and other high-quality requirements.


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet designed with various formulas to generate reports, lists, calculations, etc. It is one of the healthiest and most useful apps, whether you are creating a budget or noting down attendance.


Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation application. It is so far the best app of the category because of its smooth and efficient tools. You can design your presentations with various standard templates and animations to suit your company’s standards.


Microsoft outlook is a calendaring application that records all the scheduled meetings, special events, and festivals along with customers. It is featured with e-mail and calendaring services for scheduling appointments, alarming meeting, and sending e-mails, schedule appointments meetings. 

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a new application for connecting with your team. You can invite others remotely to connect in meetings. Chat with your team and discuss it in one place. Microsoft teams allow you to make use of tools that are not by Microsoft at a single place. These third-party applications are permissible to make use of in this app.


Kaizala is a business collaboration application, whether you are collaborating with clients within or outside the enterprise.

Microsoft Invoicing

Microsoft Invoicing is a fast and secure way of generating invoices and check digitally with features that allow hassle-free payment options. So, now you get paid as early as possible with the issue of receiving cash, as is it based on online digital payment gateways.


Many times, we neglect the small expenses that sum up to cost a lot. MileIQ is a mileage calculation application for businesses. It is available is Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium versions. So, now you do not have to be worried about any extra mile taken is any activity happening in the company.


Microsoft-To-Do is available in Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Microsoft 365 Business Premium. As the name suggests, it is an organizing application to organize your everyday task with a personalized option. You can make lists and sort them as per your ease with easy setup options.


OneDrive is a cloud storage management application. You get a total of 1TB cloud memory with these business plans to store any kinds of files or data.


Sway is an interesting application by Microsoft 365 apps for business. Sway can be used for professional storytelling, newsletters, presentations, online reports, training, etc. 


Microsoft Exchange is a mailing application that is available in all the Microsoft 365 apps for business. It is not the same as Outlook though. It is a mail server because of which the Outlook operates. 

Microsoft Forms

Forms are for creating digital forms. This application reduces a lot of paperwork, as all the forms created are filled, received, and interpreted online.

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate assists in regular business work. You have to assign the tasks you do repeatedly to let the app automatically work on it.

Microsoft Connections

Microsoft Connections is an e-mail marketing service. A must-have for all businesses as most brands is going online.


StaffHub by Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise is dedicated to the employees for organizing work and scheduling the tasks, working hours, accept requests, and communicating with other members of the team. The permissions on different levels of access are to be granted by the managers to control the work pattern of employees working under them.

Microsoft Listings

Microsoft Listings are for publishing the company’s details on a popular website. It is for getting registered in the top directories.

Microsoft Bookings

Bookings is a scheduling application. It lets the customers book appointments with business enterprises. It is a very efficient Microsoft 365 apps for business.

Business Center

Microsoft Office 365 Business Center is a new application for managing Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Invoicing, and Microsoft Listings altogether. 


Delve is a software you can use to manage Microsoft Office 365 for business. Here you get to sort business information, their relevance, and an all overview of the staff. It is an all-access point to find out and view any necessary data.


Publisher is a part of Microsoft Office that is only available for PC. It is a publishing app by Microsoft 365 where you can edit documents, design, and work on the marketing tools like postcards and brochures. 


Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based management software for documents. SharePoint is used for collaborating with various websites, calendars, automated workflows, and lists which is not available in OneDrive. The staff is free to manage their files on an individual basis.


Managing too many apps could be confusing as well. Therefore, you can use Flow to generate an automatic workflow for all the other connected applications. You can eliminate small repetitive tasks instead of manually performing them. 


Skype is an online communication application for texting, audio, and video calls. It has screen sharing options as well. It syncs with the other Microsoft apps you have logged on to in the device. It releases the issues of ISD and roaming in whichever part of the word you are in. 


Microsoft Yammer is a social media platform that supports posts, likes, comments, and communication sources for business only. 


Microsoft Planner is a planning application to sort group work in mini scales by creating planning strategies, sharing, communicating, and through update notifications. 


Microsoft Access is a part of the Office family available for Windows PC only. Access is a high-level application for creating new apps and sharing them even when you are not a software developer. It takes databases and customizes software as per the need for the enterprises. 


OneNote by Microsoft 365 apps for business is created for simple note-making. You can use it for typing or recording important notes.

The Bottom Line: Microsoft 365 apps for Business

Microsoft provides its business services in three different packages. These packages have different rates depending on the applications sold in the Microsoft license subscription.

  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Business– Formerly named Office 365 Business costs Rs. 545/ month contains only Office apps.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic– Earlier known as Office 365 Business Essentials costing around Rs. 125/month + GST
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard– Formerly Office 365 Business Premium costs Rs. 660 per month + GST
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium– Earlier known as Microsoft 365 Business costing Rs. 1320 every month. + GST

This is the full list of the best Microsoft 365 apps for business enterprises that come in variations with the annual license subscription mentioned above.

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