Secrets of the Creative Brain

Secrets of the Creative Brain

Have you ever wondered how a creative brain functions? Being creative presents us with a plethora of advantages. By being creative, we can think out of the box and find different solutions to complicated problems. Some people are more dexterous and more creative than others.

Creative Brain

Before we talk about mind secrets, genius, and creativity, let’s find out how creativity can help us:

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Importance of Being Creative

  • Creativity boosts our mood
  • Creativity helps us to find solutions to problems easily.
  • Creativity helps us in brainstorming activities
  • Creativity makes us more confident
  • Creativity makes us more social
  • Creativity relieves stress and anxiety to a great extent
  • Creative thinking required in all occupations

Thus creativity can help us with all the above points and even more.  

If you are keen to find out the secrets of the creative brain, then this write-up will help you find some important pieces of information.

Some recent researches portray that creative people are more adventurous and exploratory, and they are generally risk-takers. Generally, creative people are more persistent, and they do not give up easily.

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Research shows that the left brain is for analytics and logic, and the right brain is more emotional and creative. By nature, creative people have their right brain more active than the left one. There are three different networks in the brain that are associated with creativity. Executive attention network is meant for targeted attention and focus, and it helps in decision making.

The brain has three different networks associated with creativity-

Executive attention network or central executive network – This helps in decision-making and complex behaviour.


Imagination network or default mode network is associated with creative activities like brainstorming. This area also controls the mental simulations. The third network, or the salience network, is associated with consciousness.

Creativity occurs as a result of interaction between the executive network and the imagination network. It is the speed of the interaction which determines the amount of creativity of a person.

Let’s find out some ways on how to increase your creativity:

The below points will help you increase your creativity:

Learn New Things:

Always make an attempt to learn something new. You can try and do something you love. Learning new things boosts our creativity to a great extent.


According to recent research, walking boosts creativity which eventually helps us look at things from different dimensions. So daily walking is good for both your mind and body. Hence you must take some time out if you schedule and walk daily.


Introspection can boost creativity to a considerable extent. Whenever you feel stuck, take a pen and paper and try to think of feasible solutions. If you get some terrible ideas as a solution, then note them down and then expand your creativity and find out what are the best features of a terrible idea.

Seek Out for Advice:

If you feel stuck, don’t shy away from asking for advice. Your friends and peers can help you with solutions that you could not have ever thought of.


The above write-up will help you delve into the creative mind of people. This writing will also help you to boost your creativity to a significant extent.


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