Popular Apps for Mastering Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is not only fun, but it can offer you multiple advantages. For instance, by learning a foreign language, you make yourself more suitable for many job roles, and you get a competitive edge in career choices. Moreover, learning a foreign language helps in international travel. By mastering a foreign language, you develop more appreciation of cultural diversity and a deeper understanding of art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, film, philosophy, science, and more. Learning a foreign language enhances your creativity and memorization skills as well.

Nowadays, the advancement of technology has made it more convenient for us to master another language in the comfort of our house. Gone are the days when we had to take up tedious and long classes for mastering a foreign language; nowadays, you can easily master a foreign language with the help of several language learning apps.

Let’s have a look into the best language learning apps:


Babble is one of the best apps to learn a foreign language. Owing to its huge popularity, Babble successful has sold 10 million subscriptions to date. A proficient linguistic team intelligently structures the curriculum. Here you have different pricing structures, and you can choose one at your convenience. In the Babble app, you can find sessions including interactive dialogs to help you with pronunciation. Owing to the unique teaching style offered by the Babble app, you can master a foreign language easily. 

learn a foreign language


Duolingo is one of the best free language learning apps. You can learn thirty-five different languages with the help of this app. The progressive and personalized lessons of this app make it fun for the learners. Here you can find many game-like lessons which make learning fun for the learners.

Rosetta Stone:

This is listed amongst the best language learning apps. Here you can find dozens of different languages, and it is built around a curriculum plan. This app allows you to practice speaking with audio recognition. You can enjoy a subscription-based plan of three or twelve months. The different pricing options and the personalized lesson plans have attracted many users to this app.


Memrise is an excellent language learning app, and here you will need to pay 8.99 dollars per month for a subscription. This app allows you to watch videos of native speakers, and the game elements make learning fun. Here you can find lots of content for each language.


If you enjoy goal-oriented learning, this should be the best language learning app. The topic-based lessons will make language learning a cakewalk for you. This app allows you to interact with native speakers.

language learning app


Here, you can learn a new language in a fun and engaging way. Indeed this is a great app for visual learners. Here you can build vocab by pairing images.


Thus, find the best language learning apps by referring to the list given above and enjoy speaking different languages.

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Sushma M.
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