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12 Things in Your CV that can Disappoint the Hiring Manager

There can be no denying the fact that we live in an age of tough competition and a single job vacancy fetches hundred and thousands of applications. Each day, a Hiring Manager receives a large number of CVs for a single job posting and it is not possible to closely review each one in it. With the advancement of HR Software, even a slight mistake can take your CV to the trash. The automatic screening facilities provided by the latest HR Software detects your mistakes and raises red flags for the Hiring Manager.

Job aspirants have a tendency to focus on what to include in their CV but seldom do they care about what all points in their CV can make the Hiring Manager overlook their applications.

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To help you out in your next job application and reflect a positive impression on recruiters, and hiring managers, you can take the help of any best available online cv maker tool in the market. Below we have compiled a list of 12 things that should NOT be a part of your CV anymore! Scroll down to read further:

List of 12 things that should NOT be a part of your CV

1. Personal Details

Including your name, mobile and e-mail address is enough in a CV. A Hiring Manager does not care about your relationship/marital status, religion, age, list of hobbies, family details or any other personal information.

2. An Objective

It is unnecessary to keep an objective in the CV unless there is some major change in the CV for instance if you have switched from one industry to another. In that case, too, you can write a brief summary of it in the CV.

3. Incorrect Grammar

It’s highly disappointing for any Hiring Manager to go through a CV with poor grammar. It reflects your careless and lazy attitude thereby making you out of the job applicant’s race.

4. Irrelevant Work Experience

Work experience is one of the crucial parts of a CV. Showcasing work experience that does not relate to the current position you are applying for is simply a waste of space. No Hiring Manager is going to pay attention to that!

5. Irrelevant Achievements

Boasting of being the basketball team captain of your school as an achievement in the CV is a sheer waste of space. Nobody takes it as a part of your professional achievements.

6. Including References

Well, if a recruiter needs references, he/she can specifically ask for it during the interview process! Including them as a part of your CV is a big No-No!

7. Inconsistent Formatting

Inconsistency in the formatting of the CV creates a bad impression on the Hiring Manager as it would be inconvenient for them to scan through the CV and pick your best points. It is annoying to see a single CV having different font style & size or layout.

8. Usage of Personal Pronouns

A CV with words such as “I”, “Me” or “My” is not appreciated by any Hiring Manager. It is quite obvious that it is your CV and everything it includes is about you.

9. An Unprofessional or Casual Email Address

Having an unprofessional email address for professional use puts a negative impression of an applicant. When you are competing with hundreds of applicants, a single unprofessional mistake like this increases your chances of being out of the competition. Creating a new email id is always free and it hardly takes a few minutes!

10. Work Gap/Change Information

A Hiring Manager can misinterpret you reasons for work time off or switch jobs. Explaining it in your CV can backfire on you. It is better to explain the reasons when asked for in a face-to-face interview.

11. Salary Details

It’s a blunder to include salary details or CTC in your CV. No Hiring Manager would appreciate seeing the salary figures in a document that is solely meant to showcase the professional experiences and skills. Salary can be discussed once the applicant clears the interview process.

12. Photograph

Unprofessional photos or selfies in a CV won’t attract the Hiring Manager; instead, it makes them skip such a CV. Even if you want to use a photograph make sure it has a front view with formal attire, smile and a clear background. Unless asked for any specific interview, don’t send a CV with a photograph. Just in order to stand apart from others, make sure you don’t make way for yourself to be out of the competition. A CV is the only first professional thing that represents you in front of a Hiring Manager (or a HR Software due to recent trends); you can’t afford to make mistakes in it. Keep it clear, concise and simple!

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