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Top React and React Native Apps This Year!

Javascript has turned all the stones of tech advancements across the internet. The developers’ community is pleased by every innovation delivered by it for mobile apps & web apps. To date, JS is renowned for gifting the world with React cross-platform development services. So, in this blog, you will know about the best react applications that impact the technological world.

Today the priority of every business is to provide a better user experience online & deploying applications on all platforms, i.e. accessible digital ventures. React Native- a Facebook innovation is a very popular JS framework which meets the current day requirements.

The core benefits of React Native are development processes, code & component reusability, and vast support of pre-built libraries & packages. 

Facebook, Walmart, and Instagram are among the many behemoths enjoying the react development services. Let’s dive into the blog, why these big companies are still invested in react native & what are their actual outcomes.

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#1 Facebook

Of course, this list has to start with the one who invented it.

Facebook desperately needed a mobile presence with all the feature-functionality of its web development. So to achieve the same results on its mobile application, React Native was born. 

After integrating the advancement, Facebook saw a tremendous performance improvement. And other changes were done in the framework to manage & maintain its quality in the coming time.

#2 Walmart

The Walmart has always prioritized its customer first policy and in order to improve its customer experience it introduced Nodejs into the stack and switched to React Native for a better mobile app experience.

The tech advancement provided the business with nearly identical native app performance and smooth animation facility with its libraries. Thus, Walmart improved its performance on both iOS & Android platforms with fewer resources quickly.

#3 Bloomberg

Bloomberg, the financial software, has an intuitive experience with engaging features providing personalized content, videos, and live feeds. The advancement also helped in releasing new product features at a great speed. 

The engineers at Bloomberg were able to rapidly and easily rebuild the company’s consumer app for Android and iOS while adding many cutting-edge features thanks to this cross-platform architecture.

The entire procedure took the development team about five months, or about half as long as it would have with native technologies.

#4 Tesla

The well-known producer of all-electric vehicles also created its smartphone application using React Native. They developed their platform offerings with Android or iOS with the same features. The applications included charging, lighting, horns, locks, and panoramic roofs, with equal capability. Thus, React Native helped to create an immersive experience online. 

#5 Wix

Wix, the online web hosting platform, started its journey in 2006. It provides site building in HTML5/CSS & a drag-and-drop feature to create it even faster without coding knowledge. 

The company chose React native to present its users with seamless navigation. React offers many options when it comes to configuring navigation. The react native navigation delivers great speed and agility to the web app in the hybrid space for Wix.


Since its launch, has facilitated its customers to order product and services online from their local shops and restaurants and get it delivered at their doorstep. The platform, in a day, will make over a million deliveries.

React Native allowed the business to link the map with the device’s features like rotate, zoom, and compass. Support for outdated operating systems (and devices) can help the software continue to function properly. It also helped in using less memory and loading the application quickly to keep the engagement intact on the platform.

#7 Townske

Townske is a travel inspiration guide for an individual’s next trip. The app easily curates a local list & connects with the locals to explore & experience the best. The platform allows users to be on it without creating an account and allows them to find your location quickly. 

It approached the react native advancement to build a seamless mobile UI. The UI resulted in a responsive and asynchronous Javascript with a native environment. It also gives users faster and better load times than a hybrid app.

#8 Gyroscope

The health app on steroids contains steps tracking, workout, heart rate, and many other integrations to track our daily activities. Using react native, the app could represent data in two attractive ways Simple & Cards mode. The database also aggregated in daily/weekly/monthly statements picking up on insightful body tracking. 

#9 Hive

Users of the Hive app can manage their home automation devices at their fingertips with just one tap, letting you automatically turn on and off lights in your home and office. Hive can regulate heating and hot water. React Native was used to create the application in the AWS environment.

#10 Sound Cloud Pulse

The SoundCloud Pulse lets the artist interact and share with their fan on the go. The artist shares the sound either publicly or privately.  The features such as real-time stats and the ability to respond to comments are some of the best features it has.

The company found it hard to find an experienced iOS developer for their platform release. So, they decided to dive into the react native world. The company created user-testing sessions with React Native app prototypes yielded positive results, indicating that the framework could deliver a high-quality user experience. 

The React Native based application was much easier for the developer to code in comparison to a native application. It might be possible that use of single codebase and a simpler development process made the developers’ work much convenient and fast.

The experience gained during development of React Native app was positive and it helped them to overcome obstacles in designing their second set of native apps.

On a Concluding Note!

React Native is an effective, fast, and easy-to-use tech advancement. A developer & a business can use it to build a great online venture in no time with proper feature integration and fast deployment services. 

Regarding the user interface, the advancement has outgrown all the other frameworks by providing the best applications. It is cost-effective and helps you to save work hours, which may boost up the development process. 

One can quickly reach a broader audience simultaneously. Android and iOS users can use one app, the launch can be coordinated, and businesses with a smaller development budget don’t have to focus only on one platform.

React Native was used to creating many amazing products, such as Skype, Facebook, Pinterest, and UberEats, further demonstrating that it’s a framework worth considering for app development.  The tech stack is a fantastic choice if your budget is tight and when excellent performance and a flawless UI experience are your core requirements. Native iOS and Android solutions are still the best choices for projects requiring these qualities. Partner with an experienced app development company and get yourself the most desired online venture in no time. Invade the digital space with innovative minds that provide great development processes & post-deployment services.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
Sushma M. is an experienced digital marketer with vast knowledge in related domains such as SEO, SMO, PPC, Google Analytics, Google Search, and Content Marketing and runs her own blog Digital Sushma.

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