Is Node.js Killing Python and PHP? (A must Read For Developer)

Is Node.js Killing Python and PHP

For a developer, it is always tricky to choose the right programming language for development. PHP, Python, and Node.js are the three most popular technologies that help in providing backend of solutions. PHP is the oldest and the most trusted of the two. 


But with growing demand, there has been a paradigm shift, and Node.js is now getting more popular among developers. Node.js is a newcomer, but it has become the most trusted framework for developers around the world. 

Besides, PHP, Python, and Node.js are open-sourced and applied for similar solutions. Moreover, a Node.js web Development Company first understands the need of the project and then works on developing a web app. First, let us understand what Node.js technology is. 

Why Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript framework built on Chrome’s JavaScript engine. Though it runs inside the web browser, you can run it independently with Node.js. 

It was created as an alternative to the server and client model – where the server reacts in response to the request and closes the connection. 

Besides, it is adept at creating a two-way bridge that handles the communication between the client and server. Most importantly, it’s used for building scalable and fast apps that are event-driven. 

Node.js is the fastest framework for app development. It can give a performance boost of up to 50% at times. 

Listed are 5 ways how Node.js is killing PHP and Python:

1. Single language

Single language is always handy, especially while developing a full stack. It helps make the applications more functional. Plus, it is a good choice if you want to maximize the app’s functionality. 

Most apps built on top of Node.js use a single-threaded event loop model. Node.js does not follow a multi-threaded request. The processing model is inspired by the JavaScript event-based model that works with the callback mechanism. 

However, it can handle more concurrent client requests with ease. A single language feature eliminates the need for creating more threads. Plus, the apps built on node.js use the least number of threads. 

2. Simple complexity 

Node.js is primarily built on the Chrome JavaScript runtime. Following this, building applications on node.js becomes faster and more scalable. Plus, node.js is not complex to use. New developers can comprehend the technicalities, and use the framework without errors. 

However, the complexity shows up when there is more code requirement in developing an app. If you compare it with PHP – it requires the developer to have good knowledge about the development parts as the language is complex. But with Node.js the process is easier and simple to understand. It is a good platform for creating a new app

3. Offers complete flexibility 

Compared to PHP and Python, Node.js offers complete flexibility in the development process. A new developer is not dependent on guidelines, or there are no dependencies. Plus, there are no rules that restrict you while using the framework, which is the biggest advantage. 

The best part about node js is that it is quite easy to start with. It is a good choice if you want to begin with the web app development process. It comes with the biggest community support, and there are many tutorials available if you are stuck with a function. With the large community support, you don’t have to worry about the steps of development. 

4. Simultaneous functionality 

Node.js handles different requests at the same time, and it does it so efficiently that you would love it more for its features. Compared to Python and PHP, it can handle a large volume of requests without any errors in time. 

Besides, it handles all the requests at a single time, keeping all in the queue and executing them one after one. Additionally, node.js is written in C and C++, which boosts the performance of the app. You can also expect network support in the framework. The nonblocking thread execution feature in the node makes it a tad faster. 

5. Different speed and server requirements 

In speed and server requirements, PHP and Python are nowhere close to Node.js. Node is a more lightweight player than PHP, which makes all the difference. Also, PHP demands an apache server to run its functions, but the node does not require apache. It comes with its run-time environment, which makes all the difference. 

Additionally, node.js is an easy choice for new developers since it manages both the frontend and backend development process. All the processes can be managed with JavaScript as a single language. Plus, there are many packages available in the NPM ecosystem. 

Will PHP and Python lose out on Node.js?

Node.js is getting popular with time, but that does not mean it will completely kill the remaining frameworks. If a framework gets popular with time, it is because it offers a better set of features. 

Experienced developers would still prefer PHP or Python – depending on their ease of comfort. PHP built-in database support is seamless and is a great part of SQL database technology. Alternately, node.js follow a modem trend of relying on libraries to connect to a different database.

PHP and Python both are actively worked on by developers, and node.js is a technology actively evolving with time, which makes a huge difference in the development process.


Node.js has securely made its way to become the most preferred framework at the current time. Rightly so, it offers better features and functionalities than Python and PHP. That said, it also depends on the developer working with the framework. 

The overall level of performance and scalability is what makes node.js stand out from PHP and Python. However, as a developer, you would need to choose a language, keeping in mind the perspective of your task and project. 

For faster performance and speed, it is better to choose the Node.js framework. Also, if you are aiming at the creation of a project with microtransactions and higher traffic, node.js is an ideal choice for you. 

It is obvious that node js has picked up a lot of steam and is giving tough competition to Python and PHP. Plus, it is an easy choice for new developers. 

Node.js can contribute to IoT, data streaming, real-time chats, complex single-page apps, and of course, the rest of API-based apps. You can check out the new version of node.js and begin with your seamless development process.


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