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7 Things To Keep In Mind For An Adventurous VR Experience

A VR Experience or Virtual Reality Experience is full of challenging obstacles and twists and turns!

In fact, there are a lot of groups of people who find it extremely difficult to break out of it. Having said that, it isn’t that they’re incapable of solving things; it is just a matter of implementing the right strategy.

Sure, initially you’re bound to feel absolutely bewildered so much so that you won’t make it. But the more you get involved in VR experiences the more you’ll notice things that worked for you and what didn’t. You’ll also realise that – it doesn’t matter whether you go for a VR experience at Meetspace VR or any other place – these games aren’t really hard to crack!

If you’re all set to get involved in an adventurous VR experience near you, then here are the top seven things you need to keep in mind.

7 Things An Adventurous VR Experience

Let’s plan for a successful escape!

Choose the Right Team

VR Experience

Whether it’s a VR in Birmingham or any other location, all that matters is ‘who you know’ and not what you know’ – after all, you want the best team by your side to tackle all the challenges and emerge victorious!

However, when we say the right team, it doesn’t necessarily mean looking for a bunch of really smart people. You need a team that you’re comfortable with.

Bear in mind that, with just 3 minutes to go, there’s a high chance you’ll be freaked out while scrambling with your last and only hint along with these people by your side – now you decide, who do you wish to be with during this tense situation?

While you’re at it, ensure you’re choosing the right group size. The ideal number is somewhere between 4 to 6 people; anything more than that will only lead to yelling and headache whereas anything less will make it almost impossible.

Be On Time and Prepare a Plan Beforehand

The reason behind this is quite simple – while going for an adrenaline-filled VR experience, you’d want to use your mental energy when in the room in order to finish the game.

VR rooms

Believe us when we say, these VR rooms could be mentally exhausting; spending all your energy in reaching the room or frantically looking for a parking spot while you need to be in is only going to drain you. This is why you need to be there on or before time – after all, you want to remain fresh and comfortable; all set to conquer the virtual world!

Here, the bottom line is to book your slots beforehand and show up to the place at least 15 minutes before the game begins.

Get an Understanding of All the Rules

Virtual Reality Experience

This is yet another crucial point to keep in mind.

When in the VR room, there could be a few things you aren’t allowed to touch. Not following these rules can mess up with a puzzle and result in lost time or confusion. This could lead to the game master entering the room to get the problem solved.

All this is only going to eat up your time and most importantly, your focus and momentum. 

Apart from this, you also need to be aware of the number of clues, the way they’re shared with you and the time of the game. This is because different companies use different ways to provide help.

Keep Checking the Clock

An hour can go by very quickly while you’re indulging in a VR experience. This means, you need to think back about the time when you binged video games at 9 p.m. and when you looked at the clock, you realised it’s already 1 a.m.

Where did all that time go?

This is what it’s going to be like when in a VR room; so keep looking at the clock and accordingly play the game!

Be Consistent and Have a Determined Approach

VR experiences are, without a doubt, mentally exhausting and there does come a time when you get this slight inkling of giving up, especially when you’re stuck with a specific issue.

Doubt starts to creep in and you begin thinking that you’ll never get to the end of it. The only option you have here is – ignore these thoughts!

It’s extremely important for you to stay calm and focus on the clue at hand; ultimately, you’ll figure it all out. If that doesn’t happen, seek help from your group. Moreover, avoid getting caught up in your head and try to move to the next step. Or else, you might end the game only in the last 5 minutes or worse, run out of time.

All the extra minutes you wasted in the beginning telling your group how you can easily solve this puzzle can come in handy during the home stretch!

Make Proper Use of the Clues

A pet peeve for a lot of game masters is you refusing to make use of the clues. This usually starts with some macho speech in the beginning about how these clues aren’t required and ends up with you stuck in the middle of the game.

However, not asking for a clue especially after all the big talk isn’t going to help you and your team.

What you need to understand here is that everyone gets stuck and sometimes, these experiences are quite tricky meaning no one could solve it. This is where clues can come to your rescue. This means, instead of wasting your time, it’s best to ask for help from the game master and if they’re suggesting you use a clue, then take it!

Enjoy Your Time In the Room

Adventurous VR Experience

The key to emerging victorious out of this game is enjoying your time as much as possible – after all, a VR experience is one of the best ways to have fun!

That said, don’t leave the room in anger if you’re unable to reach the finish line and simply laugh it off; it is just another game. Have a positive attitude with your group of people and try to have a good time with them. This is extremely crucial when participating in your first VR experience, as it takes you quite a few tries to break out.

Keep this in mind and try to have the best time of your life!

To Conclude

Well, there you have it – our top seven things you need to keep in mind while going for an adventurous VR experience.

Although it requires you to be smart and use the clues accordingly to finish the game, it’s essential to look at it as just a game and have fun with your friends and family!

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
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