How to Transfer Your Data to New iPhone from an Old iPhone One

You recently had your iPhone upgraded? You will probably want to move your previous iPhone into your whole network, pictures, music, applications, and settings. There are a few ways, and through each of them, we are going to guide you. As a consequence, all your data and apps are installed on the same iPhone. It will also be a new, more lovely, and powerful device at the same time.

There are a lot of instances that require iPhone users to charge their iPhones. As a result, data transfer into the new iPhone is unavoidable, with countless data and other critical files in the old iPhone. In other words, the iPhone migration seems tough but not impossible. The main issue is how these data files can be sent securely. There are several conceivable ways to move your data, including iCloud and iTunes, from iPhone to iPhone.

iPhone migration

You can do this in several various ways, whether you just utilize iCloud or connect to your Mac or PC via Ethernet. You must turn in your new device, restore your backup and have a stable WI-FI connection to progress further. So if you are still wondering how to transfer data to a new iPhone or how to transfer data from iPhone to another, then scroll down below to gain some knowledge.

how to transfer data to a new iPhone

Three ways of transferring data to a new iPhone:

1. Use Quick Start —

you can position both devices close to each other if your old iPhone runs iOS 11 or later so that your new iPhone is installed automatically.

2. Transfer iCloud data –

You may build an iCloud backup on your old iPhone and then utilize it while your new device is being set up. Again, you just need Wi-Fi access; you need not bother connecting your iPhone to your computer.

3. Restore your iPhone from iTunes –

You may generate a backup on your Mac or PC. To transfer your data, you will next have to connect your new iPhone to the same computer.

Changing iPhones without losing data is possible; just you need to follow the steps given above.


You had to be startled today if you think that iCloud was the sole way to move your data from iPhone to iPhone. Nevertheless, you are lucky to receive an extensive understanding of this guide to aid you to select your final solution for data transmission. You can also try to transfer mobile trans-phones and learn how easily and safely the data transfer from an old iPhone to a new iPhone can occur.

In this post, you learned how to switch between iPhones and transfer your contacts, photographs, music, and other contents to your new smartphone. By learning how to transfer data to a new iPhone, you can enjoy a plethora of advantages.

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