How to Disable Cortana Without Any Hassle?

How to Disable Cortana

With all significant updates, Microsoft made its digital personal assistant – Cortana, which is more complementary to Windows 10. In addition to the computer search, in Cortana, alerts are shown, e-mails, memories may be sent, and your voice can accomplish all this. However, others may find this overly intrusive and want to turn off the assistant.

While in the days before the anniversary update, you may turn Cortana off with a single toggle, which is no longer available. Also, with the current Windows 10 Creators Update, Cortana may be disabled to fully break the search with a clean install, according to sources.

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There are methods to achieve so if you are still committed to plugging the Cortana plug on Cortana on Windows 10. You may take the tools to learn, or you may shut them off totally. This article discusses how to disable Cortana.

how to disable Cortana

How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10

If you are wondering how to turn off Cortana Windows 10 or how to remove Cortana from Windows 10, then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: To turn off Cortana windows 10, firstly click the Start button, and then click a little gear-like Settings icon.

Step 2: In the search box Settings, type “Cortana,” then click on the search results on “Change how you speak to Cortana.”

Step 3: Go to the ‘Hey Cortana’ area and turn off the answering option by clicking on the off position button.

Step 4: Take the option to enable Cortana to hear commands when you press the Windows logo key + C in the Keyboard Shortcut area.

Cortana is deactivated and can no longer listen to you after making these two modifications.

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You may move one step farther and take permissions from Cortana if you wish.

Step 5:In the Search Box Settings, type ‘Cortana’ and from the search results set selected ‘Cortana permissions.’ In the search results, it may alternatively show as “Manage, view and use what Cortana can do.”

Step 6: In the permissions section, you will find “Manage Cortana Information Access from this Device”. Click on the same.

Step 7: Disable all permissions settings on this page ET Voila! You can effortlessly disable Cortana Windows 10

disable Cortana Windows 10


Cortana in Windows 10 never lived up to its illustrious moniker. Cortana has been being phased down even away from the desktop, with mobile access and the Invoke smart speaker sent to the tech scrap heap. Above, we have explained how to disable Cortana.

On the other hand, Cortana is still included in Windows 10, so those who rely on it have an option and may not choose to disable Cortana. For the rest of us, Cortana is additional stuff that we may not need. While learning how to speed up Windows 10 is a crucial skill if you are a Windows 10 user, you will also want to reduce all the bloat ware that causes slowdowns. So disabling Cortana from Windows 10 is important.


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