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Best Whatsapp Spy App for Android Devices 2023

Whatsapp messenger’s user base is growing day by day worldwide. It is now the most widely used messenger with over two billion users. Every smartphone user uses Whatsapp messenger, according to a survey.

Nowadays, every young and old use smartphone and a large proportion is of kids and teens. The Whatsapp groups are the major source of time consumption for the kids, and as it is reported, there are loads of inappropriate content that circulate among these groups.

The objective of the parents is to protect the kids from indulging in this kind of activity. Moreover, cyber bullying and harassment over social networking platforms is also a hot issue. The kids and tends are frequently bullied and harassed through these apps, and the parents’ idea is to safeguard them from any harm.

On the other hand, employers are also raising concerns over the use of Whatsapp at the workplace. The corporate owners want to safeguard the business from any privacy and secrecy theft, as Whatsapp allows sharing images and videos with the network, the business can be easily harmed by sharing the secrets.

So, the concerns of employers and parents can only be addressed by using a Whatsapp spy app for android phone; we will be discussing the android phone because of its commonality of use.

The spy app tracks all the activities done over messenger extensively, there are number of service providers that spy on Whatsapp of the target user, but the best of them is the OgyMogy. The OgyMogy was found in 2014, mainly serving the spying needs of parents, but its Whatsapp spying facility is equally good for employers.

The app provides unparalleled service and is highly rated and complimented by its users. We will be having a close look at the app’s features.

The app is compatible with all current versions of Android OS. It can be installed on the target device secretly so that the target user may not get aware of the activity.

OgyMogy – Best Whatsapp Spy App for Android

Stalking All the Chats

The app serves as the best Whatsapp spy app for android in all aspects; it allows the end-user to spy on all the chats of the messenger. The individual and group chats can be stalked by the end-user in real-time.

The parents use this feature to identify the pattern of communication as if the communication is in accordance with the ethical standards. The chats may also be tracked to find out if any stranger is trying to harass or press the child in an inappropriate manner.

The corporate owners use this feature to protect business secrets from stealing. The chats of employees can be monitored for any business secret that is intended to be shared with unconcerned people, say competitors.

Screen Recording

The real-time activities of the target user can be monitored using the screen recording feature. The feature can be turned on at any point of time by the end-user.

The parent can stalk the live activities of the child over the messenger to know if there are any activities that are not beneficial for the child. The feature can even record and save these activities in the form of clips to the online web portal for later reference.

Monitoring All the Photos and Videos

The Whatsapp spy app for android furnishes the end-user with complete access to the multimedia exchanged over the messenger. All the photos and videos can be monitored for the sake of the child’s betterment and business progress.

The parent can even decide on whether to remove the specific content or not. The employer can know the intentions of the employee with this feature; if an employee is trying to share confidential information, the necessary action will be taken.

Recording VoIP and Video Calls

The messenger furnishes VoIP and video calling facility. OgyMogy – the best Whatsapp spy app for android allows listening to all the VoIP calls in real-time, the video calls can be monitored live, both VoIP and video calls can be recorded if the end-user is not available to monitor on hand.


The parents and employers want to keep an eye on the activities of the kids and employees over the Whatsapp messenger; the article extensively reviews all the spying features of the spy app and suggests that the OgyMogy is the best Whatsapp spy app for android.

Stella is a senior writer and blogger who loves to write about spy apps which can help parents and employees to keep an eye on kids and employees. Currently, she is working on tech bug that provides unbiased best spy app reviews of different monitoring software like theonespy review.

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