Android Monitoring App for Parents to Protect Kids & Teens

We hear bad news almost every day, such as the news of bullying a child online, stalkers friendly relation with children, threatening an innocent child, threat to get the child’s private data or kidnapping them, and so on. Due to fear, a child cannot share this situation with parents. As a result, he/she becomes stressed. Sometimes serious situations arise. For example, a child commits suicide, and the parents find out the cause much later.

Usually, adolescents and growing children are generally seen as victims of such traumatic incidents. To avoid such unexpected situations, parents need to put a sharp eye on their loved ones as it’s the need of time to handle such digital harms with digital solutions.

Here we are going to discuss one of the advanced technologies and hassle-free tracking solutions for parents. Yes, we are talking about spying apps. TheOneSpy is the leading one, which truly serves with best what it promises. Let’s know more about this wonderful Android monitoring app.

TheOneSpy Parental Control Android Device App

TheOneSpy brought the concept of digital parenting. Now parents have become more relaxed than before as they can remotely track their kids, all secret doing and can prevent them from inappropriate activities on time.

With the help of this incredible spying app, parents can make sure that their kids are safe from digital harms and bad companies as well.

Features of TOS for Parental Control

Here we are listing the top features of TOS that truly prove useful for parental monitoring.

  • Call logs to spy on inbound and outbound calls
  • SMS tracker to track all incoming and outgoing text messages
  • Multimedia tracker to spy on all photos, videos, audios and other multimedia files
  • Live 360 surrounding listeners to listen to voices in the surround of targeted mobile
  • Live 360 camera streaming to view live activities around the targeted phone
  • Social media apps tracker to view targeted persons all social media accounts activities
  • GPS location tracker to spy on live MAP location and location history as well
  • Email tracker to keep record all received and sent emails
  • Geo-Fencing to pin the safe and unsafe location on targeted person android device

TOS Compatibility with Android Devices

TheOneSpy has introduced the apps up to the latest version of the Android phone as well. All versions smoothly work with all brands/company’s Android phones.

TheOneSpy Plans and Pricing for Android Devices

TheOneSpy accommodates its users with special discount offers. Like on Black Friday, New year, Christmas, Easter and even in a pandemic situation, it offers the discounted rates by taking care of their lower-middle-class audience as well.

As we recently faced a huge pandemic phase (COVID-19), TOS is still offering high discount plans with high-quality features. Let’s look at the TOS plans and their pricing for Android devices.

TOS offers three plans for a different duration.

Monthly Plan

  • TOS Monthly XLite Edition cost is $25/month.
  • TOS Monthly Premium Edition cost is $50/month.

Quarterly Plan

  • TOS Quarterly XLite Edition cost is $15/month.
  • TOS Quarterly Premium Edition cost is $31.66/month.

Yearly Plan

  • TOS Yearly XLite Edition cost is $6.25/month.
  • TOS Yearly Premium Edition cost is $12.5/month.

Step-by-Step TOS Android App Installation Process

TheOneSpy installation process is very easy and takes only 3 minutes—all you need to follow the instructions carefully and enjoy the app. Here, you will see the very convenient steps of installing TOS into any of the Android targeted phones.

Search TheOneSpy on the search bar and enter it. Click on the first site shown in searched results.

Give 5 minutes to visit the website and select the suitable package that meets your targeting needs.

Ask TOS for the subscription of your selected package. After successful completion of the payment process, you will receive the TOS email containing all credentials.

Open your account on a targeted phone and download the app. AS the downloading process completes, install the app to run on the targeted device.

Now, you have to open your TOS account from your user device. Activate all or any of the required tracking features so that you could start to hassle-free instant monitoring. 


TOS provides the perfect Android monitoring app for parents to stay free and fearless by remaining aware of their kids. Its dynamic features give parents the ability to spy on their kid’s all offline and online performed activities else that its variety of services leaves no reason for the visitor to return without becoming the customer.

Stella is a senior writer and blogger who loves to write about spy apps which can help parents and employees to keep an eye on kids and employees. Currently, she is working on tech bug that provides unbiased best spy app reviews of different monitoring software like theonespy review.

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