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Learn How To Clear Facebook Cache on iPhone and Android

Is Facebook on your iPhone hanging a lot these days? Is your iPhone out of storage? No worries. We will give you a solution to such a technological issue. There is something called cache which builds up eating away a lot of storage on your mobile. But there are ways you can learn how you can clear Facebook cache on iPhone in just a few taps. The whole thing will take you over a minute so keep following along.

What is Facebook cache?

Let us first learn what the basic term cache means.

The cache can be defined as a memory storage area from which information can be retrieved. You see a lot of clean your cache notifications. What does it mean? The cache keeps on updating. This means that every time you use a network or a phone app, the cache keeps on building. This is basically information getting stored on your mobile so that this can be accessed faster than you can think and in the near future. You are likely to see a clean cache notification when the cache on your phone gets overloaded.

The same works for Facebook. Every single time you use Facebook, you end up indirectly storing information on your phone which you can retrieve later on in the future and much faster than ever before. So this facebook cache keeps son building up. But there is a way you can delete this Facebook cache on your iPhone. You will have to read this complete guide and understand everything in order to know how you can clean out the Facebook cache.

What happens when you clear Facebook cache?

Now the question arises that what will happen if you clean the cache.

Let’s get to the roots so that you understand this better and clear. As said, the Facebook cache simply refers to the information that is being stored in the background and which gets retrieved every time you use it. What does this mean? To make it much simpler for you, when you use Facebook, as in, when you post something or you view something, upload something or interact with a post on Facebook, it gets stored as a memory in the background of your iPhone. And as a result, when you visit Facebook yet again next time, they happen to load faster than the previous time, leading to retrieving of the old stored memory. But do you know what happens when this gets stored every time you use Facebook? It gets slower and that is what you are facing right now.

How can you prevent this from happening on your iPhone?

You have to clear the cache that has been stored on your iPhone. When you clear up this Facebook cache that has been stored in the background, your phone will get faster or come back to its normal working speed. Cleaning out the cache is basically cleaning out the slate so that every time you open your Facebook app, you don’t end up using a slow version of it. And it is basically, you using the app for the very first time. No old stored memory. Nothing.

How to clear Facebook cache on iPhone?

The process of cleaning out the cache is very straightforward and requires a few steps. Let us see how you can clean out your Facebook cache:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Facebook application
  2. Tap on the Menu icon which you will be able to see on the bottom-right side of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and after that tap on Settings & Privacy, when you find it.
  4. Then, click on Settings.
  5. Scroll down again to the section where you will find the Permissions section and then, under it, click on Browser.
  6. Then, under the Browsing Data section, click on the Clear option. This will clear your Facebook cache.

How to clear Facebook cache on android?

Clear Facebook cache on android phone

The steps for clearing the Facebook cache on android are quite much similar to those on iPhone but it is still different. Therefore, read along to understand what to do when:

  1. On your Android, open the Facebook app.
  2. On the top right corner, below the messaging icon, you will find the Menu option. It is also called the hamburger icon. Click on it.
  3. Scroll down and find Settings & Privacy and tap on it.
  4. After that, from the list, click on Settings.
  5. Scroll down till you find the Permissions section. Then, tap on the Browser option.
  6. Then, you will find a Browsing Data option. Under it, you will find the Clear option. Click on it. Your Facebook cache will be drained out of the background.


Learning how to clear Facebook cache on iPhone and Android is not a big deal, you saw that for yourself. It just takes a clear understanding for your mind to engulf it.

It is always recommended that you should clear the cache on Facebook or any other apps since it slows down the working of your phone. Since it backs up after every use, you can regularly clean such old storage memory unless you need them.


How can I clear notifications from Facebook?

Notifications are also a sort of junk on your phone. Too many saved notifications can hang your device. To clear it, visit the app and then select the notifications icon or the bell icon. Then tap on the hamburger icon. Click on Remove this Notification. These can individually delete notifications.

In order to turn them off, go to Settings> Notifications and then disable sorts of alerts like People You May Know.

What is cache?

A cache can be referred to as old memory storage that takes up space in your device. The cache that has been stored helps to retrieve data faster but it makes your device slower ad it takes up a lot of space.

Is it alright to clear the Facebook cache regularly?

It is alright to clear cache regularly. But in case, you need to visit an old post where you had interacted or anything related to that, you will not be able to retrieve data back since you already cleared caches. So it is recommended that you think before clearing out the cache.

How to clear Facebook search history?

For app users: go to the app> magnifying glass icon or Search icon> Edit> Clear Searches and your search browsing history will be deleted.

For website users: Facebook website> Account> Settings & Privacy> Activity Log > Search History> Clear Searches and your search history will be made empty.

I use Facebook from a browser. How can I clear the cache?

In order to clear the Facebook cache when you are using it from a browser, it does not need you to clear the cache from Facebook. It basically needs you to clear your browser’s cache.

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