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Read this to Know How to Mute Text Messages on iPhone

You must be wondering how to mute text messages on iPhone. We have got a solution. It can be a particular user of an iPhone or a group chat that continuously keeps on sending text messages. Due to this, your notifications get triggered and you continuously receive notifications for each and every message from the group or from the individual. But an easy fixed solution to this- mute the text messages on iPhone. You can also easily mute messages on Mac provided you know how to do it.

This blog is going to help you know about all of these facts and how to mute messages on Apple applications.

How to mute text messages on iPhone?

mute text messages on iPhone

The following simple steps are going to help your mute text messages on your iPhone.

1. First, open the Messages app on your iPhone

2. Secondly, you have to select the user or group chat you wish to mute.

3. Now that you have entered the chat, you can see the contacts option at the top of the page. Tap on it.

4. A new window will appear where you will be shown Settings of the group chat/ individual chat. Scroll down to find the Hide Alerts option. Turn the switch on.

5. Tap on Done.

how to mute a contact on iphone

Another simple way that you can easily mute group chat text messages on your iPhone– select the message thread and swipe your finger to the left. You will now see two icons- a crossed-out bell shape and a dustbin. Tap on the crossed-out bell shape.

How to mute messages on mac?

An easy way to mute the messages on maths is to click on the eye message notification and then select deliver quietly from the message notification options.

mute messages on mac

Another way you can mute messages on Mac is:

1. Click on the Apple icon.

2. Go to System Preferences and after that, tap on Notifications.

3. From the sidebar, select Message.

4. A pane will appear on the right side. Under the Message alert style: click on the None option.

5. You can also uncheck on the Play sound for Notifications option in case you don’t want incoming sounds.

How to mute someone on Facetime?

mute someone on Facetime

Muting someone on FaceTime isn’t really an option. But all you can technically do is, mute yourself-  both your audio and your video. Or else you can turn down the volume to that you can hear them no more.

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Clicking on the mute button present there will give you the chance to hear the other person but that person cannot hear you then and there.

And if you tap on the mute video button then you are video will not be shown to the person you are on call with.


Now that you already know how to mute messages on your iPhone, your phone will be relieved from the constant notifications from certain group chats or individuals without leaving or blocking them respectively.

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