How will AI Rule the Future?

How will AI Rule the Future

Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence are terms that are popularly used a lot in the technical and engineering world. The artificial intelligence or AI has become the buzzword and has led to massive transformations in many sectors. Some say that AI will rule over the future world. Some say that data is the new oil.

artificial intelligence

Let’s ponder on some basic questions:

  • Why do they say that?
  • What do these terms mean in the first place?
  • What is their power that made them such a fearful/astonishing technology?
  • How will AI rule the future world?

Before digging deeper into artificial intelligence and the future of artificial intelligence, let’s have a fair understanding of the associated terminologies as well. We have simplified the complex jargons and explained in layman term to help you understand better. Some examples have also been included to make things easier for you.

Internet of Things: 

Idea of Internet of Things is to make things around you talk to each other, i.e. using this network to give input to each other. As most of this networking is done through the Internet, using some small chips in these devices and Wi-Fi to communicate, this network becomes an ”Internet of Things”. Your headphones, mobile, smart watch, Laptop, and TV are also an Internet of Things.

Big Data:

Now, these devices talk to each other by sharing data. Data is just a collation of information. It can be Numbers, dates, times, names, and various pieces of information about you. It can be your walking speed, your sleep hours, your fun hours, your daily routine, etc. as well. Apps like Facebook also note how much time you spend on them, what posts are you liking, what posts make you stop scrolling, how much time do you take on one picture, and details like that. All this information about you is collected somewhere on large servers every second. And this is being done for almost every person. This kind of data is called Big Data.

Machine Learning:

Now, understand that a human can’t accumulate and process this amount of data. So, they use computers to do their work for them. But that also requires teaching computers how to take knowledge out of this data. A Machine utilizing a chain of commands from a human to learn what to do with that information is Machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence:

Now, when someone goes to school, he is given a chain of commands, and you follow them. In the process, you gained intelligence. The intelligence created by Machine learning processes is called Artificial Intelligence. So hope it answers your question on what is artificial intelligence.

So, how can Artificial Intelligence rule the world? Isn’t it created by us Humans, so it is still us ruling the world? So what is the future of AI?

Artificial Intelligence Creating the future

Well, just for imagination’s sake, isn’t it possible for this Machine to one day learn to disobey Human’s orders? Isn’t it possible for it to start working by itself and convert itself into a mass killing machine? Well, there have been a lot of movies on that concept about AI in the future, among which Avengers: Age of Ultron, and The Terminator were widely popular.

Some other movies laid stress on artificial intelligence controversy, and it was liked by many. Many believe that with the pace IT technology is moving, this might be possible soon as well.

But that is not the case. AI is not a new term if we talk factually. AI, the term, and its research first started well back in the 1940s. After this far, we’ve learned to make them do simple functions like Mathematics and Language Processing. We don’t even utilize brains completely; how can we teach them to make brains? We are still far, far away from those ages of Science fiction movies. Then, how will it rule the future of the world?

The whole power of Artificial Intelligence goes back to the essential advantages. Computers have over humans. AI have a vast memory they can use to store and review data any number of times. They have super-fast and streamlined processing power. They have a lightning speed of transmitting data.

With an exponential increase in Memory storage units, processing units, and powering units (batteries, etc.), and Data transmission speeds, computers ought to get more and more powerful and advanced. That will make them able to learn faster and do many tasks that currently humans do with much less effort. So, they are making us sit comfortably on our couches while machines are doing work, and this is their power.

Now, how is this power being used in the current world? How will AI rule our world using it?

future of artificial intelligence

So, this is the answer to the first question. Although AI was researched to quench our curiosity about modelling our brain, to understand ourselves better, we’ve been analyzing neural networks using it. But in this process, we have invented various other uses of AI. Almost every industry in the world has started using Artificial Intelligence. Growth in the Data Science field has boosted its applications. Based on this analysis, you can gauge the future of artificial intelligence.

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Companies are hiring Analysts and Consultants to optimize their processes. Prediction based modelling has made them able to create much better sales forecasts. Weather Analysts can predict the weather much better. Take the nearest examples; Siri and Alexa are slowly becoming a part of our lives. They are essentially the best example of our lives. ML, Natural language processing, and Deep Learning have given AI even more wings. Those using these technologies are leading the world’s industries because this helps them use their resources more effectively. Oil industries have already predicted that Oil demands will peak in 2035 and they can now strategize accordingly. Tesla’s automatic cars in itself is an excellent example of Artificial Intelligence. Amazon notifies you about a discount offer on smartphones right after you thought about changing yours. But that all is amazing right, so what do we have to be afraid of?


Netflix Documentary ”The Social Dilemma” shows a scary side of the same social media that helps us connect in difficult times of COVID-19. As we discussed, Social media collects a lot of data about us. With its advanced algorithms, it can analyze a fantastic amount of data to tell who do you have a crush on, who are you supporting in Elections, what are issues that you are concerned about, what kind of products are you planning to purchase, what colour has what kind of Emotional impact on you and a lot of other things. It can optimize what to show on your timeline accordingly. It can sell that data to product-based companies for Marketing.

It was even alleged that social media manipulated the US 2016 Presidential Elections. Experts who have created these technologies can’t resist checking phones when these apps pop up a notification. They say that they won’t allow their children to use social media before the age of 16. Fake news, radicalism, addiction, and other mental issues aren’t the latest news as well. All this power is granted to Social media by Artificial Intelligence. It makes social media an advanced tool of mass manipulation.

To summarize, it is not the technology by itself that causes an existential threat to us. But its ability to bring out the worst possible side of society is what might be dangerous to us. We need to careful this power in case it falls into the wrong hands. It is not Artificial Intelligence that will rule the world. But it will be the one who uses this tool most effectively with all his resources, who will rule our future world. It is Humanity’s Infinity Gauntlet.


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