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Power of Video Marketing

Video marketing and video advertising are components of digital marketing, which have become increasingly popular with everyone. Video marketing is in trend these days and is popularly utilized by the entrepreneurs and reputed companies to augment the sales volume. Indeed a picture says a thousand words, and a video does even more. The video messages can influence the human mind more than what the textual messages can do. Video contextualizes the world around us and creates a long-lasting impression on our minds. Also, video marketing can reach an ample amount of customers; for this reason, video marketing for businesses across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. is currently in high demand.

Video Marketing

The marketing people exploit video marketing strategies to increase their revenues.

In this article, we will talk about the popular video marketing strategies and video content marketing strategies that are used to captivate to captivate your audience. Before we discuss the strategies in detail, it is essential to find out about the benefits of video marketing: 

Let’s look into some of the reasons for which video marketing and video adverts are in so much demand:

Benefits of Video Marketing


If you have a smartphone with a good camera, you can shoot the perfect video for your marketing campaign. You don’t need to spend too much on high-end devices. The result of video marketing is more effective than any other marketing technique.

Better reachability:

Since videos are so powerful, video marketing is more outcome-driven and can be reached to a higher number of people. These videos can be circulated sometimes for free in the social media platforms to increase awareness as more people become aware of you, the brand value increases, and soon you reach the topmost position in the Google search rankings.

Videos build trust:

Video marketing uses your favorite celebrities or your tubers to promote their brand. When you see your favorite person in the videos, you become more inclined to use the brand’s products and services.

Video Build Trust

Video marketing is easy to understand:

It is easier to understand the video’s contents than in the written format. A video can attract faster attention as compared to the other sources. Animated videos can make complicated things more straightforward. Hence video marketing is compelling and is utilized by smart people.

The video encourages social shares and even influences the laziest buyers:

When you see a good video on the internet, you feel an urge to share it with your friends and family. In this way, a powerful video marketing reaches many users without making too much effort to circulate it. Also, a video can influence even the laziest buyer to buy your product. Hence sales target gets achieved automatically without you having to take too many initiatives.

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Video marketing helps in increasing your SEO rankings:

Videos improve the engagement of audiences to your site. Hence once you create a good video, you can expect your SEO ranking to spike up. Videos help you to get more backlinks, and quality of backlinks impact rankings. To improve the SEO ranking, you should incorporate the target keyword as part of the video. You can also consider renaming the video file with the target keyword.

Benefits of Video Adverts

Video advertising is commonly utilized for marketing campaigns. There can be four kinds of video ads.

Video Ads

Let’s look into the popular types below:

Linear video ads:

Linear video ads appear at a stretch for around 150-30 seconds, and they do not allow fast-forwarding during the commercial. It is more effective than the pre-roll or the post-roll. In pre-roll, the ad appears before the video, whereas in post-roll, the vice-versa happens. There is also a mid ro0ll where there will be video-ad-video

Interactive video ads:

These kinds of ads take over the complete screen space and pause your video. Here the ads are more interactive. They may ask you to sign up for a newsletter to participate in a contest.

Overlay ads:

These ads run along with the videos. They appear in the form of the overlay.

Companion video ads:

This also runs concurrently with the video. These ads appear at the side, generally in the form of static images or banners.

Let’s look into the advantages of video advertising:

  • Your Search Engine machines love video ads and can enhance your sales to a greater extent.
  • Video messages can convey a lot of information in a short period.
  • People love video ads due to the educational messages that they convey
  • Some of the video ads appear in between other videos, and thus it engages more people.
  • You can monitor the performance of video ads through analytical tools in social media sites.

Video Marketing Strategies:

Now that you have a fair idea on video marketing, it is essential to talk about the video marketing strategies that will help you to rule the world of contents:

To realize the proper benefits of video marketing and video adverts, it is essential to employ the right way of doing it.

Video Marketing Strategies

You can follow the tips given above to realize the full benefits of video marketing and video adverts.

Undeniably video marketing and video adverts is a powerful tool of digital marketing. If done correctly, video marketing and video advertising can help you reach the pinnacle of success in a short period.

Script: drafting a readable script is a part of any successful video marketing.

Voice over: You can hire the voice over artists who can enhance the video.

Story Board: The storyline is essential. It would help if you made sure that the messages reach the right audience with an exciting story.

Design: designing is an integral part of video marketing

Animation: If you have an animated video, then it is critical to do good quality animation

Music and Sound Fx: This is another crucial aspect of useful video marketing. The music and sound FX should be of premium quality.

SEO video marketing: You can consider utilizing the SEO video marketing strategies so that your video contents gain more visibility in the popular search engines.

YouTube Marketing Strategy:

Doing marketing on YouTube can be profitable, considering the high number of viewers in YouTube. YouTube can be utilized as a mid-funnel sales tool to generate higher revenues.

If you want to build a strong you tube marketing strategy, then you can follow the below advices: 

1. Start by creating a YouTube channel for business, and you may use your personal contacts initially to get viewers. You can consider utilizing a brand account as a brand account; you can manage multiple you tube channels.

2. Gather more knowledge about your audience: You can spend some time in analyzing the YouTube demographics. A detailed analysis of these demographics will help you know people’s age range, preferred watch time, location, and other details. If you notice that most of your viewers belong to a younger generation, then you can consider uploading short-form content on your YouTube channel.

You can utilize the YouTube analytics tab effectively to gather more knowledge about your audience.

3. Know your competitors: To sustain this competitive market, you must have good knowledge of your competitors, their offers and new product launches, etc. On YouTube, you can do an audit of your competitors. If you are wondering how then start by identifying your top competitor’s first. Then you can record the key statistics and use them as your benchmark. So every time you cross the benchmark, you can consider it as your achievement.

You also need to do a SWOT analysis of your competitors. Understand the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your competitors will have for you.

4. Monitor your YouTube histories from time to time. Check for the new subscribers. Check out the favorite channels on YouTube and check out what kinds of content they are using, the average lengths of the videos and check if they have used any overlays, special effects, etc.

Based on this analysis, you can build a strategy for yourself. You will know what kinds of content your audiences will prefer more. So, you can tell stories, provide tutorials, or advertise more about your brand. You have to discover the magic formula that will attract most of the viewers’ attention.  Hence, the above strategies will help you curate great content and attract more visitors to your website and YouTube channels. You must utilize the strategies effectively to impress your audience and to reach the pinnacle of success.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
Sushma M. is an experienced digital marketer with vast knowledge in related domains such as SEO, SMO, PPC, Google Analytics, Google Search, and Content Marketing and runs her own blog Digital Sushma.

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