Taking A Look at What Windows 11 Has to Offer

Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing Windows 11 at the end of 2021. Windows 11 brings a more modern experience to using your PC, with new, sleeker designs that makes the user experience quick and easy to navigate. The app store has been improved, now allowing Android apps to be downloaded to your PC. There is a new Start menu, Windows settings and a new notifications center. Those who are part of the Windows Insider Program have already gotten access to Windows 11 so let’s see what it has to offer.

What Windows 11 Has to Offer


Windows 11 has an improved on-screen keyboard that features access to word suggestions, a clipboard, emojis, and handwriting recognition. Unlike the Windows 10 on-screen keyboard, the new keyboard does not have a dedicated numerical keyboard.

Start Button

The Start button has been moved from the far left of the task bar, to the center. The start button is not the only thing that has been moved, all pinned and open apps will not be located in the center. This will take some getting used to, but for people that work on wide screens, this may make things more accessible, since you’ll no longer have to scroll all the way to the edge of the screen to reach it. This can be changed by going to settings – personalization – taskbar.

Start Menu

The Start menu now has a Recommended tab where you can see files that have recently been accessed and other recommended programs. There are applications grouped under the Pinned heading. It has a few preselected apps under this heading, but you can customize this list by removing these apps and adding in your preferred apps. This is different to Windows 10 where there were no preselected apps under the pinned heading. If you want to pin the same apps that you had in Windows 10, the best option would be to take a screenshot of your Start menu and before you make the switch to Windows 11.

Improved Touch Gestures

Microsoft used the data from touch gestures used on trackpads and now brought it to screens. This will improve the user’s touchscreen experience, which aims to make the PC experience closer to using a tablet. This is another aspect that has improved Windows above Apple’s Mac computers. Swiping down will take you to your desktop. Swiping right or left will take you to your most recently used apps. Swiping with three fingers will show you any apps and desktops in task view and swiping left or right using four fingers will switch you between your desktops. This creates a much more streamlined navigation system on your desktop.


Windows 11 settings has a new look which includes the options to rename your PC and widgets to see what devices you are paired with. The main settings options that you see on the left of the screen will stay the same, instead of changing as you switch between sections. They have introduced six new wallpapers for your desktop and the menu options have also been rearranged.

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Improved Refresh Rate

A refresh rate is the amount of times that images are shown on your display. Microsoft has added a new option to Windows 11 that can help save the battery life of your laptop. Most laptops have a refresh rate of 60Hz. New laptops that are being released have a higher refresh rate of 120 Hz. This can be great for specific activities like drawing or gaming, but is not always best for everyone’s needs, having a higher refresh rate can use a lot more battery power. There is now a dynamic refresh rate setting that will allow you to decrease the refresh rate depending on your needs. If you’d like to implement this on your laptop, there are many IT Support London businesses that can assist you with the transition.

Create Personalized Sets of Windows

You will now be able to arrange multiple application windows that you’d like to use simultaneously. To get this option you’ll need to hover the cursor of the maximize button in the application, here you will get options to organize up to four windows. Once you have arranged the applications to your liking, you will be able to access them quickly in the taskbar. You can easily switch between other open windows by hovering over the application icons. Closing the applications is just as simple, which can be done by simply using the X.


Microsoft has implemented continuous development into their software building and with Windows 11, it is clear that it is working. There are many benefits to the Windows 11 interface, which we will continue to see as it gets closer to the release.

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