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Top 10 Business Apps for Android

Business applications come in varieties where the features are not always complete despite the huge number of facilities for the smallest thing provided. It depends on the type of business you run to find out what kind of business app you need. Whether you need cloud storage management, statistical records, or a platform to run on. Everything these days run on smartphones because of its portability and multitasking capabilities. So, we have brought to you the top 10 business apps for android in 2021 because of their exceptional benefits.

Best Business Apps for Android

Google Drive

Type: Cloud Storage

Google drive is at the top in our list of top 10 business apps for android because of its simplicity. It is a cloud storage application that provides 15 GB free memory space. It is attached to your google account for the ease of saving files from Microsoft as well as Google. It can store anything from images, files, and messages with easy backup options. For your business, you can expand the memory space by purchasing $1.99 per month for 100GB.


Type: Social Media

Facebook is a social media website; however, it comes with new tools now and then. Facebook Live is a popular one for engaging customers. It also has a Marketplace where you can sell your products online. Apart from its older characteristics for pages and groups, now you can switch the page into a business page along with an interface that specifies smaller business requirements. Now run your business online on Facebook and use these tools to your advantage. No doubt that Facebook has made it to our list of top 10 business apps for android.


Type: Cloud-based survey 

SurveyMonkey is a celebrated app by the business owners to understand what is in the trend. It makes it easy for them to understand the demand for commodities in the market. It is the top 10 business apps on android in 2021 since way back as it lets you create polls, collect data, create reports, and even store them. You can use it for feedback about your products as well.


Type: Communication

I have personally been using Skype for making all my distance business calls and meeting. Communication is as important as sales. You could be thinking there must be other communication applications as well. However, Skype is, first of all, a free app. It lets you generate a unique ID. Log in with Google account, and the communication goes uninterrupted. You can take audio or video discussions with your colleagues with all of them at once on a single screen. It is a formal application available for Windows and iOS as well. Another similar app you can use is Google Hangouts. 


Type: Scanner

CamScanner has been an essential tool for every business as well as students’ cell phones. However, it got banned in India. Another similar application that works amazingly well is Notebloc. It lets you scan the document and pictures in hardcopy by clicking an image from your phone. I have been using it for a year now. You can scan pictures from your gallery and folders to convert them into a document. Save in as a bunch of pages or a single page. Store either in PDF or JPG format. Now that your camera is a scanner that clicks clear textual images, you can edit the image as a document, original, B&W, or image filter. Share with others using the variety of sharing app options already in your smartphone or mail. One of the top 10 business apps for android for individual businesses. 

Google My Business

Type: Business directory

Google My Business is the best business apps for android. It is a local business directory. Not only this, but you can also create an account that you can use to manage your customers. Get enrolled with Google My Business to get the benefits of customer engagement in Google search and Google maps at no cost.

Microsoft 365 Business

Type: Multi-productivity cloud

Microsoft 365 Business app is a cloud that has multiple office software in it. Now you can use MS Office on your PC and well as Android phone. Since it is a business application, there are services available for video chats, messages as well as other video communication sources. Get Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage, Office lens, and more add -on’s. This multi-purpose application is enough for you to manage your business. It has services to fulfill most of your business needs. Its multi-productivity feature leads it to the top 10 business apps for android here.

PayPal apps

Type: Payment 

PayPal is popular for its clever ways of managing payments and vouchers. One of the best business apps for android. Whether you are a freelancer or a business, PayPal has its ways to help you deal with transactions and checks. A personal account does not let you receive payment. However, when you are a business account, you can send as well and receive payments, generate invoices in most of the currencies exchange allowed. It only takes a $2 commission from every transaction. It is as safe as your smartphone with fingerprint locks and passwords.

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Zoom Cloud Meetings

Type: Communication

Zoom is another communication app like Skype and Google Hangout that focuses on video conferences. It has gained high popularity since the global lockdown for meetings and education purposes. To maintain privacy regarding phone numbers, links are shared by the host to different individuals. Anyone can join up to 200 individuals using the link created. There are in-app purchases available for upgrading the number of participants, screen sharing, connection stability as well as presentation features. Similar applications are also available in the Google Play Store but Zoom has been our favorite choice so far as the top 10 business apps for android.


Type: Social media

Last, but not the least, Instagram is the best business apps for android and iOS. Owned by Facebook, Instagram has similar features like Facebook. You can create a creator, private, personal, or business account on Instagram. The users have gone up to millions for Instagram with the photography craze. IGTV, Insta stories, and a lot more tools to engage the customers. You can run business ads and direct the customers to your account, website, or messaging inbox directly. Apply filters to target the desired customers and get featured. Even the promotional rates are cheap that start with only Rs. 80 for 24 hours that can be paused, run, and deleted anytime without losing any money.

CONCLUSION: Top 10 Business Apps for Android

There are a lot more exclusive best business apps for android that you can download from Google Play Store for free. However, these are our selective top 10 business apps for android in 2021. We hope this blog helps you organize your business perfectly.

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