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The Reinvention of Esports- Contribution of Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe

After its acquisition by PEAK6 Investment in May 2019, the twenty-six-year-old company Evil Geniuses, including Nicole LaPointe Jameson’s appointment (from PEAK6) as CEO, has initiated a rebrands program that first examined but eventually concluded. Jameson notes that the evil genius of esports raises its employees and recruits more supporters after the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic to support partnerships formed for live events.


In May 2019, LaPointe Jameson started her work in Evil Geniuses with Evil Genius’s purchasing, North American’s oldest investment firm known as Peak6, and LaPointe Jameson, which made her the first African American woman to be the leading sporting organization in the world.

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Digging more information about Evil Geniuses: 

Evil Geniuses is a professional game company (often abbreviated as EG) that was founded in 1999 in the USA and makes it one of the oldest still operating on-script esports brands. In the early 2000s, the organization, which hosted numerous rosters until 2011, joined Counter-Strike. In 2009 they signed the ComLexity Gaming Roster, which is to win IEM IV American Championship finals in particular over Difficulty and Fnatic at Beat it! 2010. Their good time in the game was in 2009. Evil Geniuses closed off in 2012, starting a seven-year hiatus, their Counter-strike division. Evil Geniuses agreed to sign the GX group in 2015. Still, the agreement fell apart after the team’s bulk obtained permanent bans from Valve competitions for their role in the North American match-fixing controversy. Evil Geniuses joined Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on September 26th, 2019, with the acquisition of the NRG Esports team.

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People have long predicted that competitive video gaming will develop into a big industry rivalling the NBA and NFL. However, it is a lengthy process fraught with challenges and failures. There is a crowd — many people tuning in to watch teams play games like League of Legends or Dota 2 — but enterprise market models and environments have not seen much progress.

LaPointe Jameson told Evil the lights were barely held on because of the geniuses. Before the invasion, Evil Geniuses are in games like DOTA, and new ventures fueled future competitors. Peak6 provided the funding to extend into other league categories, while LaPointe Jameson provided strategic expertise to its teams.

Contribution of Peak6 in the success saga: 

Peak6’s external contribution to the market is the continuing growth of these specialist gaming companies, from tournament teams to business media and products. And, as the chief executive, LaPointe Jameson, said, these overwhelmingly white organizations should begin to diversify beyond the retiring actors, businessmen, and traditional sports managers of the Esport franchises.

Ovilee May, a former host of the League of Legends, LaPointe Jameson’s pal, told the post office that LaPoint Jameson provides the dose required for professional weight, ‘in a world where sports are still so young, odd.’

Bear with me if you are an expert with athletics, but take a step backwards. It is a slight misnomer for the esport market, which currently covers two bimodal business models, often cross linked but often not. One sport is common but for us like a university department of athletics.

This industry style has the same kind of models as traditional sports: sponsoring, IP, broadcasting rights, direct publicity, etc. Yet, it is also a global medium to think about producers of entertainment, digital influencers, and all of these sales and income models. In esports, this still happens. This is the thesis of which they trust. This is why they became competitive here, but this was not lucrative.

Esports may also demonstrate how those activations have been pivoted. For instance, Razer, one of our longer-lasting partners, has built a room and VOD space generously in our installations which are currently not visible to everyone. It was also necessary to ensure that we catch the contents of it instead of a public case.

CEO Gives “Evil” a Good Name

In 2019 worldwide sporting revenues—the name for a dynamic video game industry—a total of one billion dollars, and over four hundred and forty million people watched live events all over the world. The demographic is bigger than pro and rugby and is rising increasingly due to the quest for alternatives in conventional Live-sports COVID curtailed environment.

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The first African American woman who led a large sporting organization was Nicole La Pointe Jameson ’16, who took over as CEO of the Evil Geniuses in May of the same year. Two years to achieve the target she had given herself; just four months were needed for her. Evil Geniuses arrived in the League of Legends line up last fall from developer Riot Games to outlaw conventional sports owners and conglomerates in the media.

How it took off

La Pointe Jameson treats the good deal as one of her most proud performance in the Evil Geniuses. League of Legends has some eight million monthly customers; in the spring 2020 playoffs, Evil Geniuses finished third out of ten teams.

La Pointe Jameson never has long been waiting for her name to render. She received a job offer from the investment firm PEAK6 in the summer of her younger school year. She joined the organization and participated in the restructuring of businesses ranging from internet dating to banking before settling on Evil Geniuses as a “diamond in the rough.” She hoped to be elected to the organization’s board of directors. Instead, she was elected CEO following months of due diligence before PEAK6’s acquisition. She was twenty-five at the time.

Nicole LaPointe Jameson took over as CEO of Evil Geniuses’ esports company in 2019, inheriting a well-established presence in the gaming industry. Although it was still stumbling. When the whole industry was feeling growth pain, Nicole promptly focused on new talent and made more changes to improve its business. Kimberly and Nicole sit down and discuss player health, common myths about gamers, and whether Nicole finds time for play outside of her career.

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