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List of Famous Successful Black Women Entrepreneurs Stories

It has been decades since we started discriminating against our brothers and sisters based on their colour. Race, gender, and nationality. There are various more categories we have been struggling with. We have been dealing with inequality, crimes, low wages, and a lot of issues only because we were Asian, black, a religious minority, or tribal. Racism must end one day. But how? The only way is to get to the root of it is by empowering ourselves and helping each other. The time is here to thwart the backlashes of the stereotypical society and show the power of equality, justice, and humanity. The only way to rise up is by learning and spreading what we learn. This is why we have picked up one of the most sensitive topics to share with you. We have listed the names of 10 Black Women Entrepreneurs who have crossed the seas on their own to build their kingdom.

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As categorized as it may seem, in our last blog on the Top 10 Women Entrepreneur Success stories we have informed you about the most inspirational businesswomen around the world. However, in this blog, we will be focusing on successful black businesswomen to motivate our readers no matter which race or gender they belong to. The only lesson is to take inspiration from their success stories of fighting the obstacles they have face in their journey. A guide for every human who has been a victim of racism in a certain way, this one is for you!

List of Black Female Entrepreneurs

1. Janna M. Hall- Leap Innovative Group

Janna M. Hall is a black businesswoman who owns a Marketing agency. She had figured out her ways to work with people of all sorts. Her Marketing agency, Leap Innovative Group is a sector of mixed people who create brilliance. She out came to the discrimination by developing her skills, knowledge, and trends. Thus, she could fight the rate race with the white superiors of the society with such strategies. 

The agency focuses on creative ways to assist businesses in promoting their products and services. Her elaborate journey started when she was working on low wages in America. Being denied the increase in salary due to her colour, she took a bold step to quit. Lead Innovative group is where she took a mark. However, it was not easy for her to get clients at suitable rates because of the same issues she had been facing in the company. She had been working hard to equalize with other marketing agencies. Belonging to the category of African American women entrepreneurs, Hall realized that the bias is yet to end until she figured out the weak point in the customer relationship.

We can learn from her that if we ourselves avoid letting our background be our insecurity and research the ways out to people who need us, we can reach the goal we have aimed for. Janna grasped the low pricing situation and tells us all to never let the worth of our services down in any way.

2. Beatrice Dixon- The Honey Pot Company 

Bea Dixon, short for Beatrix Dixon is the founder of The Honey Pot Company. She is rated among the famous black female entrepreneurs. So, what made her take this path?

Dixon suffered from bacterial vaginosis for a long time. It was a painful and frustrating phase in her life. However, she had shared with the world that it was in a dream that her ancestor visited to give her the formula to heal herself. Quite spiritual for many of us who would understand the pain of living with any such disease and hoping for a cure. 

The Honey Pot Co. is a completely herbal foundation. The plant-based products are designed by Beatrix having the vision to cure people with issues in a more secure way. The chemical-free product was first developed as a women’s vaginal wash. The brand has now been expanded to more health and wellness product for females. Moving to target international customers with new items. 

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The Honey Pot Company sells various wellness care items that include menstrual pads, tampons, mother products, and various new researched services delicately designed for use.

Dixon proved herself by using her knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals, plant-based ingredients, and retail. Despite being black, she did not let this characteristic take her down. She holds it up with pride like all of us should. Being black is nothing to be ashamed about, rather it is a cultural diversity to be appreciated at its best.

3. Mignon Francois- The Cupcake Collection

The Cupcake Collection is a cupcake store that started on the home-baked concept of baking. It is a sweet story like its name. All the products are available for shipping online. They are prepared using selected ingredients at home instead of using most of the commercial ingredients and equipment. 

Mignon Francois, the chief executive officer and founder of The Cupcake Collection, began this journey while making cupcakes and cakes for her children at home. She slowly grew her approach to commercialize her skills and products. Based in Nashville, Francois is nowhere directly related to patisserie or culinary. However, it is her experience that has got her the talent and ideas to explore more. She focuses on improving the already made food instead of inventing new. 

She is an M. B. A student with various entrepreneurship experiences in other fields revolving around Nashville. She has achieved the titles of Family Business of the Year Award, Emerging Business Leader of the Year, Emerging Business Leader of the Year by universities and magazines. She is truly an inspirational woman to young black female entrepreneurs and others.

4. Camille Hearst- Kit

Anywhere you would read about Camille Hearst, they will throw lights upon her brilliant work experiences with the top tech companies. In her past, Camille has worked with Apple and Google for a lot of years. She is from San Francisco, California, where she has spent most of her early life. However, when she shifted to London where it was pretty difficult for her to settle down. It helped her come with the idea of Kit.

The Kit is a company meant for creators. Camille Hearst serves as the co-founder of Kit that was acquired by Patreon in the year 2018. The business helps creators to share their work within the community. This way things would be more productive, easier to find, and spread to the ones who require such service. Therefore, Kit is a platform for developers, and creators can share with their followers in the best possible ways to expand their art. Kit helps people buy products for different activities like photography, music, etc.

Camille Hearst, as a black business woman had made her learn the richness of different cultures, diversity, and a lot more. It taught her the importance of the existence of diversity and unity. She is strategical in her own ways that aid her mind in formulating efficient teams and managing their products as a product manager. With her exceptional mind growth, she could be the top one in the list of black female entrepreneurs.

5. LaRayia Gaston- Lunch On Me

Lunch on Me is a Welfare community by LaRayia Gaston based in Los Angeles. This Non-Profit organisation is a two-sided business. On one side, they feed the hungry, while on the other, they give work opportunities to the ones who desperately need them. 

Lunch On Me shares the good organic food left over to others while saving any wastage. There are a lot newer activities included, like yoga and mental healing events. LaRayia Gaston is a bold and strong black businesswoman who sticks to her aim of ending starvation while everyone is so busy living their lives that we forget the importance of the amount of food wasted. 

Gaston is a successful black businesswoman who knows how to stick to the objectives she began working with.

6. Trinity Mouzon & Issey Kobori- Golde

Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori co-founded Golde in recent 2017 in Brooklyn. Golde is a women’s wellness brand that concentrates on easy and accessible modes of being healthy. Wofford is listed as one of the young black female entrepreneurs as she started Golde with Kobori only at the age of 23.

Golde is boosting into more diverse products than the turmeric latte with which they began the corporation. Both being people of colour and different races show the harmony of cultures as Kobori is Japanese while Wofford is a black woman. Golde has boosted to various smoothies and skincare items to help the customers understand modern wellness ideas.

7. Karen Okonkwo- TONL

TONL was started by Karen Okonkwo who is an African American woman entrepreneur of Nigerian origin. Joshua co-founded the brand with Karen. He is also a black American male entrepreneur and photographer from Ghana. They began TONL to attack the discrimination faced by the different classes of society by using social media as a sound tool for stocking images. 

TONL displays images of people from other ethnic backgrounds to empower them. It shows the beauty of being black, white, or colour in any way. 

These images narrate their stories for readers all around the globe. 

8. Rose Adkins- ScreenHits

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9. Jewel Gould- Balanced Woman

Balanced Women is another Non-profit firm by Jewel Gould for women. It works for the welfare of women where every person who wills to help another woman in need. Balanced Woman is for mentoring women and assisting them by providing various resources they lack by raising funds.

Jewel Gould as a black businesswoman had taken a creative step in it. Apart from this, she has also begun with the Cold Press Juicing Company. 

The reason behind her attachment to health & wellness is her fondness for family and toward spirituality. Her other brands are What About Mommy’s (WAM) that helped women suffering from breast cancer. 

10. Tash Prendergast- Lucy Lue Organics

Lucy Lue Organics is a family business operated by black American entrepreneurs in the USA. It started as the owner’s priority toward their child when he was born. The mother and child bond led the black female entrepreneur to make a mark in baby clothes that are purely made from organic material. These eco-friendly items are not only great for young baby skin but also for the environment to sustain.

Lucy Lue Organics is the first-ever brand to sell organic outfits that are also styled well for fashion. Tash Prendergast, the owner of the brand is one of the most responsible successful black businesswomen in these terms. 

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There is a huge list of black female entrepreneurs that are rapidly growing with change. Why? Because with the freedom of expression more people are sharing and speaking for their rights. With more than a thousand woman launching their business, almost 85% are Black business entrepreneurs or women of colour. 

Black women especially the young black female entrepreneurs need more counseling in this because there are still a lot more they need to learn. They can pursue their dreams with their talent. However, racism thwarts them from achieving proper resources and other privileges to reach the goals. 

There are furthermore famous black female entrepreneurs. The list is ongoing so, here are a few more inspirational black businesswomen stories you could read through:

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Naj Austin
  • Dr. Jerrica Dodd
  • Veladya Chapman
  • Sunny Brooks
  • Brittany Rose
  • Genera Moore
  • LaTonya Story

These African American women entrepreneurs are rocking the world with their boldness and passion to speak up for everyone while spreading the purest energy.

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