Tips To Open HEIC File On Windows Like A Pro And Its Conversion To JPEG Mechanisms

Open HEIC File On Windows

Are you looking for an effective way to open heic file or are you wondering how to open heic file on windows 10? You have landed in the right place as we will help you with relevant details. If HEIC is a fancy term for you then we have got you covered. HEIC file refers to a High Efficiency Image File or HEIF image format which is based on the HEVC or High Efficiency Video Compression video format.

Tips To Open HEIC File On Windows Like A Pro And Its Conversion To JPEG Mechanisms

How to open HEIC files on windows

In this write up we have covered some important procedures which will help you understand how to open HEIC files on windows. Let’s have a sneak-peek into the different methods that will help you convert like a pro.

Doing something with all your iPhone HEIC photos —

If you are trying to open the HEIC files, and your PC is telling — you can’t. Don’t sweat it out as on this page we will be describing all these opening procedures in detail-

Tips To Open HEIC File On Windows Like A Pro And Its Conversion To JPEG Mechanisms

1. Obtaining the HEIF and HEVC extensions for Windows ten –

Many people desire reading and writing files that use High efficiency image files and in fact, this type of format is required for many purposes. The HEIF and HEVC extensions can be purchased from any online store. The extensions you would like to induce are referred to as HEIF Image Extension and HEVC Video Extension. The HEIF extension is free; however, HEVC can cost you around $0.99. You can consider downloading the extensions from the Microsoft store as well. Install the extensions and you will be ready to advance to the next step

2. Open HEIC files with Windows ten Photos app –

After installing and downloading the extensions, you can open the HEIC files with Windows ten photo app. This process can be a cakewalk all you need to do is to click on the image and choose “open with “and choose “photos”.

3. Save a duplicate as JPEG –

For doing this within the photos app, you should first click on the “edit and create” button within the right–hand corner and choose the edit mode. Afterward, click the “save a copy” button within the bottom left-hand corner.

4. How to quickly convert HEIC files to JPEG in Windows ten –

Once you have an app with you conversion becomes as easy as a pie. Drag and drop the files you would like to convert into the app window. You will get an option to make a choice from JPEG and PNG formats. You can preserve the EXIF information for your convenience. Once you are satiated with the settings click ‘Convert,’ select the folder where you want the conversion to happen, and hit ‘OK.’ you will currently have copies with identical file names however saved as a JPEG.


Since a HEIC file offers high-quality images it is a preferred choice of the millions. By downloading the HEIC files you can enjoy flexible editing. Conversion of HEIC to jpg can offer you a plethora of advantages and can help you with an array of tasks.


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