How To Convert HEIC Files To JPEG?

How To Convert HEIC Files To JPEG?

On iPhone and iPad, HEIC files have been the default picture file format since iOS 11. JPG is being phased out as a file format to minimize the size of the file and its other advantages, such as the ability to include several photographs from a burst sequence.

While this format is supported by Android 9, if your phone doesn’t currently store images in this contemporary format, you may want to consider utilizing this high-efficiency format.

What exactly is a HEIC file?

There are a variety of strange HEIC files that you may discover while transferring photographs from a new iPhone or iPad to your PC or laptop, including the following:

To say that Apple is trying to build its own proprietary form is incorrect since the format was designed by MPEG, not Apple. The traditional JPG format is gradually being replaced by the HEIC format.

In order to compress them, they use the HEVC video encoder, a high-performance video compression standard. High-Efficiency File Format (HEIF) files are used to store images after they have been taken.

For those who don’t know the difference between H.E.I.F. and HEIC, the benefits of using HEIF files are many.

Here are some of the reasons why HEIC files are so helpful:

  • For the same level of quality, it is less than half the size of a JPG.
  • All of your pictures may be saved together in one file (ideal for Live Photos and bursts)
  • GIF-like transparency is supported.
  • You can store photo alterations like cropping and rotating so that you may go back and undo them at any time you choose.
  • Instead of JPG’s 8-bit colour depth, allow for a depth of 16 bits instead.

How to convert HEIC images to JPG images

When you open a file, it will function similarly to a standard JPG. Even if you don’t make any changes to your picture after clicking on the ‘Edit & Create’ button at the top right of the screen, you’ll see that the bottom of the screen has a blue ‘Save a copy option that allows you to save it again in whatever format you like, including JPG.

That approach is good if you just want to convert the odd picture, but there are many more straightforward methods to convert many photographs to JPG format in bulk.

Free programs such as iMazing HEIC Converter and Apowersoft’s HEIC to JPG converter and online converters like HEIC to JPG are available.

The HEIC Image Converter by Duckhead is available on the Microsoft Store if you want additional control over things like JPG compression level, file renaming, and other options, among other things.

From your iPhone, you may send a JPG file

If you’d prefer not to convert files on your computer, you may pick and share photographs through the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, either by email or uploading to a cloud storage service, as long as the photos are still on your device.

The images will be automatically converted to JPEG format when you do this. Always use the largest file size possible to maintain the highest quality when sharing through email.

Furthermore, if you use a cloud storage service like Google Drive, you should notice that the files will be stored with the.jpeg extension by default.


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