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How to Drop a Pin in Apple Maps on iPhone

So how to drop a pin location? In Apple Maps, you may save a place as a pin and return to it later. To utilize it in any way you choose, from remembering the location for future trips to determining the place’s precise latitude and longitude, you may mark it up. That is cool. It is not clear what it is or how it works. Fortunately, there is comprehensive instruction for pinning places in Apple Maps.

Steps to Drop a Pin in Apple Map

Here you will get complete details about how to drop a pin on iPhone.

What does it signify in Apple Maps when a place is marked?

So how to send a location pin? A blue pin denotes your present position when you start the Apple Maps app on your iPhone or iPad. Drop a pin iPhone over any nearby or far-flung area. This red pin, as previously mentioned, may be used for a variety of purposes, including finding directions and distances, sharing locations, and adding addresses to contacts.

Drop a Pin on Apple Map

For starters, pins are short-lived, and you may only remove one pin at a time. Fortunately, you can store them as favorites or guides for future reference.

Pin a place on Apple Maps

Touch and hold the desired place in the Maps app until the pin appears. Click Edit Location when the red marker appears to see the satellite picture.

Once you have positioned your pin, press Done to complete the process.

Enter the location’s address into the search field if you know it. Now, hold down the long-press button on your phone or tablet until a pin marker appears on the screen.

Pin a place on Apple Maps

You may add pins to your “favorite” list on the iPhone’s Maps

  • To open the settings menu, tap the pin.
  • Slide your finger upwards to lift it.
  • To save this page to your favorites, choose to Add to Favorites from the drop-down menu.
Apple Maps

Here, you’ll also discover a variety of additional intriguing choices:

  • Save the highlighted place to the Guides: Tap + Save as.
  • Connecting the address to a phone number: Create a new contact or add it to an existing one by selecting the option.

How to Get More from Your Apple Maps Pin 

Once you pin a location, to view more options from your apple map pin swipe up to the Marked Location. Here is how:

  • To get the easy and fastest route to the location, select the Directions option. The iPhone then determines if the various options for you, if the location is near enough for you to walk or if needed to provide you instruction for driving or public transport.
  • If you want to send or share your current location to your existing or new contact list from your iPhone, you can select Add to Existing Contact or Create New Contact.
Add to ExistingContact Liston Apple Map

You may share places indicated in the Apple Maps on your iPhone –

AirDrop, WhatsApp, Messaging/iMessage, and others allow you to share your pinned location with anybody. To achieve this, you have two options:

Select the Share symbol from the drop-down menu after tapping the pin once.

When a menu displays, pick Share Location by holding down the pin for a long time.

How to View Favorite Locations in Maps on iPhone

If you want to see the locations which you have marked in your favorites list:

  1. Open Apple Maps and swipe up on the search bar at the bottom.
  2. Select the See All option just next to the Favorites.
  3. Then select a location you want to display it on the map.

Finally, select the Info icon to edit the location, including the location name.

Add to Favorite on Apple Map

How can you remove pins from Apple Maps?

Depending on your needs, you may choose from a variety of methods to remove a marked pin:

  • Remove the pin by swiping the pin one time and selecting Remove.
  • Remove the marker by long-pressing the pin and choosing Remove Marker from the context menu.

You may now delete all of your favorite pins from the favorites menu if you have added more than one. To see all of your saved favorites, use the search bar to bring up the menu and choose the See All option next to the Favourites area. Slide the desired spot to the left and then pick delete to remove it.


When you learn how to drop a pin in Apple Maps, it will make your life and trips a lot more convenient.

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