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13 Spooky Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone in 2022

Halloween night is coming! When you choose to decorate your house and the costumes for the spooky and scary theme of Halloween, then why not your iPhone? So here are some ideas for Halloween wallpaper for the iPhone.

Scroll down to get the spooky Halloween wallpapers and set them as your screen wallpaper.

Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

1. Aesthetic Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

Aesthetic Halloween wallpaper for iPhone

There ought to be some aesthetically pleasing wallpapers mixed in with the spooky and frightening ones. So here it is; let me know which kind of wallpaper you liked best in the comment section.

2. The classic Halloween Wallpaper

classic Halloween Wallpaper

The first image that comes to mind for Halloween is a pumpkin lantern. Now, wouldn’t this wallpaper collection be lacking without a classic pumpkin lantern?

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3. Ghost House Wallpaper for iPhone 

Ghost house wallpaper for iPhone

In this season while you are busy giving your house a spooky theme, try this Ghost house wallpaper for your iPhone. And enjoy this spooky and entertaining haunted house wallpaper.

4. Pumpkinhead Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone 

Pumpkinhead Halloween wallpaper for iPhone

Nothing looks more spooky than the Pumpkinhead. What do you think? Do you want to give your iPhone a scary look? Considering the horrifying prosthetic makeup, this is the best Pumpkinhead yet.

5. Cute Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

Cute Halloween Wallpaper for iPhone

Try this scary and cute Halloween wallpaper for your iPhone to give it a new look.

6. Cloaked Ghost iPhone Wallpaper

Cloaked Ghost iPhone Wallpaper

The most terrifying is the Clocked Ghost! Isn’t it? This picture strikes a chord with my sentimental guitar. How about you? The true Halloween G.O.A.T.s are ghosts. And using a white bedsheet is the simplest way to cosplay as one.

7. Pumpkin Mask Wallpaper for iPhone

Pumpkin Mask Wallpaper

On the screens of your iPhone, a new pumpkin wallpaper keeps the creepy mood alive. It is lovely, colorful, and funky! Try this one.

8. Scarecrow Halloween Wallpaper iPhone

Scarecrow Halloween Wallpaper iPhone

We all know how our kids get scared by the Scarecrow. This pumpkin scarecrow will definitely keep curious kids off your phone. Give it a go!

9. Glowing HD Halloween Wallpaper iPhone

Glowing HD Halloween Wallpaper iPhone

This Halloween-themed wallpaper gives your iPhone the style it deserves. If you like the overall vibe, get this wallpaper right away.

10. Farm Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

Farm Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

The farm theme of the Halloween wallpaper is a unique one. Your collection of Halloween wallpapers must include this spine-tingling wallpaper.

11. Haunted Tree Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

Haunted Tree Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

Try this haunted collection of spooky tree wallpaper for your iPhone.

12. Candies Halloween Theme iPhone Wallpaper

Candies Halloween Theme iPhone Wallpaper

Halloween-shaped cookies and candies are the favorites for the kids this season. Try this wallpaper for your iPhone.

13. Spooky Castle Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

Spooky Castle Halloween iPhone Wallpaper

Try this Eerie Castle Wallpaper for your iPhone.

Wrap Up!

The Halloween season is filled with eerie, adorable, and enjoyable events. From ghosts to spirits to pumpkins… I’m hoping that the Halloween celebrations will be enhanced by these iPhone wallpapers.

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