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Why can I See on My iPad “Not Charging” Message?

You must have noticed this. You have plugged in your iPad to a PC or a Mac and you have seen the “not charging” message on your iPad screen. There are quite a possible reasons why this might come up. Your iPad not charging can create a lot of problems in daily life and that’s why we have come up with an article to help you understand why your iPad won’t charge or turn on.

Why is my iPad not charging?

There are acquired possible reasons why it might not charge and it is listed down below.

Your computer does not have enough current

You must have noticed the “not charging” message on your iPad screen right beside the battery icon. This appears right after you have connected your iPad to the PC or MAC. This can happen because a lot of USB ports of the computer do not supply enough current to charge an iPad.

Mostly all the computer USB ports only have an output of 0.5 MS of current which is not quite much the requirement of charging an iPad at a reasonable speed. But some new versions of Mac and pieces have high power charging ports that can easily charge an iPad while the older versions cannot support this.

An iPad needs somewhere between 10 Watts to 20 words of power to charge at a moderate speed. And this power is required much more and at an increasing rate if you are using the iPad at the same time as your charging it. Depending on the model the powers of the iPad are made different but it sticks around the number 10 to 20.

Other than the computer not supporting the power it can also be a hardware issue and some of the strategies listed below can help in this matter.

Solutions for Ipad not charging

Some easy fix solutions are given in case your iPad does not charge from a Mac or PC:

• USB ports have an output that the first was the number of powers. You can try charging with a different USB port and see if it works. You should also know that the USB ports that are built into keyboards are not powerful and after charging an iPad that’s why you should change it.

• As said before, newer versions of the iPad can have different charging requirements. The older ones might be needing somewhere between 10 to 15 watts of power while the newer ones might take up even more than 20 Watts of power to charge from a Mac or a PC. So you can try charging your eye bad on a different computer with a USB port.

• Often it happens that the lightning cable that you used to charge an iPad gets damaged in the way. This can prevent an iPad from charging you can buy a new lightning cable or USB- C charging cable or whichever model of the cable your iPad needs and try again.

• Sometimes dust can get trapped in your iPad charging port which mind leads to losing connection and interfering charging procedure. Therefore, to fix this problem you can either go to the Apple service centre and clean the iPad charging port professionally. Or if you have steady hands you can try fixing the problem with a wooden toothpick.

• Sometimes a few iPad models do not allow charging when you are not in your sleep mode. Therefore you can turn off the screen and try charging your iPad once again by putting it in sleep mode. This problem might happen in the older version of the iPads.


Other than all of these promising remedies we told you about, it is always suggested that the best option to charge your iPad is by using and USB adapter. Adaptors usually come with a print in the body so you can find the word output and read the numbers which are printed after that. You might need a charger that has an output of 3.0A to charge a new version of the iPad. This will not show on your iPad not charging message before the battery icon.

But you should remember that if it is a new iPad you should always charge it with an adaptor and then turn it on. Do not make the mistake of charging your iPad for the very first time after unboxing it right from a PC or a Mac.

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