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Wordle Today: Wordle 451 September 13 Today Answer, Hints and Clues to Solve

Wordle today is a noun. Worldle answer today contains only one vowel, which has been repeated twice. The word literally translates to the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It is an informal term for someone who has a dominant role or position within a specific sphere.

Wordle has taken the world by storm, and even if you haven’t succumbed to the daily game, we’re sure you’ve seen the elusive squares all over social media.

The goal of the game is to find a 5-letter word in six tries.

The game follows the same rules as Scrabble, with only real words permitted in both guesses and results.

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If you place a letter correctly and form the correct word, the square turns green.

However, if the guessed letter is present in the word but not in the correct place, the square turns yellow.

Letters that are incorrect turn grey to aid in the elimination process for the six tries.

Are you thinking about clues and hints for Wordle today (Wordle 451 for September 13)?

Hint for Wordle today Tuesday, September 13

Don’t scroll down just yet if you’re still trying to maintain your streak; perhaps some hints will help.

The word for today is an A word from beginning to end.

It repeats the same vowel.

Greek letter that comes first.

Answer for Wordle today Tuesday, September 13

Wordle for September 13 is “ALPHA”

Wordle for September 12 was “BOOZE”

How to play Wordle:

  • Visit the website
  • You have six chances to correctly identify today’s Wordle word answer.
  • Enter the five-letter words you enter on the Wordle keyboard by pressing the Enter key.
  • Once you submit the tiles, their color will change. A green tile indicates you have entered the right letter in the appropriate place. A yellow tile indicates that you chose the correct letter but put it in the incorrect spot.

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Wordle New York Times

Josh Wardle, a software engineer, created the game, and after it became a global sensation, he sold the well-liked word game to the New York Times.

As per his Twitter statement, he wrote: “Since launching Wordle, I have been in awe of the response of everyone that has played.”

“The game has gotten bigger than I ever imagined (which I suppose isn’t that much of a feat given I made the game for an audience of one).”

“It has been incredible to watch the game bring so much joy to so many and I feel so grateful for the personal stories some of you have shared with me – from Wordle uniting distant family members, to provoking friendly rivalries, to supporting medical recoveries.”

“On the flip side, I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t been overwhelming.”

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