Future of Crypto Payments on Google Pay

Crypto Payment

Money transactions through digital platforms or digital wallets are becoming very common these days. Billions of people now have got accustomed to digital wallets in the twenty-first century. There are many top-rated digital payment platforms around the world like PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. In the same manner, bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity offlate. If you are wondering how to buy bitcoin with Google pay then you are at the right spot. In this write up we will guide you into how to use coin base Google pay and Google pay crypto. Let’s get started:

Digital Wallet: Google Pay

Google is also not behind in this list. They have introduced ‘Google Pay’ which is now widely used everywhere. All around the world, almost more than 100 million people are now using G-pay. Their review is satisfactory on this free app. This is a zero-charging, user-friendly app that is mainly smartphone-based. In 2011 Google brought this idea with ‘Google wallet’. Afterward, it turned into ‘Android Pay’ and then finally ‘Google Pay’ on Aug 28, 2018.

Digital currency: Bitcoin & Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies have become very famous recently. There are a good number of people who are investing in digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies exist in the digital verse. The difference between crypto money and normal money is that normal money(coins & notes) are tangible but digital money are not.  There are more than 8 thousand digital currencies that knowingly exist. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, etc. are the most popular amongst them.


Google with Cryptocurrencies:

Google is now considering investments in cryptocurrency. So far as a search engine their job has been to show crypto details to the researchers. But now they have shown interest in working with cryptocurrencies. According to the reports, the world’s largest search engine has just hired Paypal’s veteran executive, Mr. Arnold Goldberg to revive the Google Pay app. Probably they are going to design a new type of digital wallet including the idea of digital currencies like we may buy crypto with Google pay. Google has hired this vetted professional to head its new blockchain division, with the target to evolve with market and consumer demand for digital currencies. There is a possibility to start capturing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Google Cards. The company has recently created a special computing division and there is a good chance that we can see more crypto products coming from Google in the coming years.

Challenges for Google Pay:

Buying bitcoins with Google Pay may be a profitable venture but it may need some research to be done

There are some challenges for Google which they might encounter in developing G-pay as a crypto-friendly wallet worldwide.

Google Pay
  • Firstly, there are some countries where using or dealing with digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum are banned. So, introducing themselves to Google Pay in those countries might be a hurdle for Google.
  • The state of cryptocurrency is not stable in the market. So, there is a chance for a loss.
  • To keep up with the crypto-market Google needs to be more efficient and adjustable.
  • Designing Google Pay as a customer-friendly application can be a tough task for Google.


Right now, selling, purchasing, or storing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Google Pay may not be so easy. However, according to the recent Bloomberg reports it is confirmed that Google is working on a chart of new courses for Google Pay. Crypto-support might be a worthy step for them.


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