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How Meta is Changing Facebook Ads Targeting for 2023

Save the date for January 19th! According to a change disclosed by Meta, Facebook ad campaigns will soon have improved audience targeting; the parent company of Facebook is maintaining its prior vow to lower advertising targeting options in response to industry criticism.

This is only one example of a more significant phenomenon that would be an understatement.

Targeting with high precision allows for more relevant and valuable user engagement, making it easier to develop highly individualized experiences. When persons are recognized based on their connection with social causes, health difficulties, or demographic traits, sensitivity improves. As a result, Facebook advertising restricts the advertising possibilities so that specific critical criteria cannot be targeted.

Targeting for Facebook advertising is changing.

In four major categories and infrequently utilized specialist areas, Facebook will delete targeting choices on January 19.

  • Medical conditions and their underlying causes
  • Regarding one’s sexuality
  • Groups and practices of religion
  • Politics, societal ills, issues, groups, or individuals

After March 31, 2022, Meta’s report on forthcoming changes states that campaigns may still reach affected audiences. Additionally, the improvements won’t spread across the Meta ecology until they’ve had time to take effect.

Until March 17, you may make campaign-level modifications to ad sets generated before January 19 without affecting targetings, such as changing budget amounts or campaign names.

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Audience shifts may occur when an advertising campaign’s ad set is altered. Similarly, the new targeting modifications will take effect if an ad set is placed to sleep before March 17 and then revived.

Efforts to update prior ads that rely on obsolete targeting settings will cease on March 17.

By March 17, you may need to adjust the specific targeting settings in order to make campaign, ad set, or ad level modifications.

Will there be a broader impact for social advertisers?

Whether other social media sites follow suit and tweak their targeting capabilities in the same way as Facebook. Until now, Meta has been the target of the most scrutiny. Other social media sites run the danger of being scrutinized in the same way Facebook is if they do not examine and maybe reduce the granularity of their targeting to sensitive parameters.

The use of personal attributes in targeting will likely be curtailed in the near future. Meta hasn’t said if it plans to make any other tweaks to targeting in the near future or whether this would be the last adjustment.

Nonetheless, you can be certain that Meta is reacting to the increasing volume of public criticism and expect that it will continue to do so in the future. Programmatic and search advertising suppliers need to be aware of this as well, despite the fact that this initially surfaced on social media.

There is a long history of data-driven marketing campaigns that have been successful in reaching certain demographics, socioeconomic groups, and other subgroups. In light of the foregoing developments, these players may be forced to address the sensitive nature of granular ad targeting and reporting.

Advertising platforms and marketers must be ready to face delicate matters, such as the societal challenges raised by profiling and the broader trend of data privacy concerns.


Meta has responded to the growing chorus of support and hopes for more advancements. Advertisers now need to be prepared to deal with challenging issues in their campaigns. To maximize your ad income, employ the most acceptable mobile cross-platform framework and the most modern advertising tactics.

Sushma M.
Sushma M.
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