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Little Known Ways to Snacking Better with Cheetos: History of Normal Cheetos

Aside from meals, snacking can keep our tummy happy. Whenever you want to indulge in snacking you may get a plethora of options this is the ideal time of day for snacking. When you take a break from work to have a snack, though, you have a lot of possibilities. Do you want to keep it healthy? Include a piece of fruit in your snacks. Do you want to eat something that will brighten up your afternoon… and your fingers…? Do you want to indulge your taste buds in something crispy and delicious? If that’s the case, you know you need some Cheetos.

What are Cheetos?

These are puffed cheese puffs, also known as cheese puffs, and are popular with food lovers. It was curated in the 1930s by two firms in the United States: Edward Wilson Elmer Candy Corporation in New Orleans and the Elmer Candy Corporation.


History of Cheetos:

In our opinion, the first Cheetos sold was the Crunchy ones (the oranges) in 1948, and they inspired the birth of the Chester Cheetos persona. Cheetos Puffs (the blue ones) were not marketed in Mexico until 1990 when they were offered by Sabritas, a Mexican snack brand owned by PepsiCo at the time. Cheetos (formerly Chee-tos until 1998) is a PepsiCo affiliate of Frito-crispy Lay’s corn puff snack brand. Charles Elmer Doolin, the originator of Fritos, introduced Cheetos in 1948 and began nationwide distribution in the United States. The initial popularity of Cheetos contributed to the 1961 combination of The Frito Company with H.W. Lay & Company to establish Frito-Lay. Frito-Lay was acquired by The Pepsi-Cola Company in 1965, becoming PepsiCo, the current owner of the Cheetos brand. Charles Elmer Doolin, the founder of Fritos, invented Cheetos in 1948, making early test batches at the Frito Company’s research and development kitchen in Dallas, Texas. The cheese-flavored snack rapidly sold out, but Doolin lacked the production and marketing capability to enable a countrywide rollout. Crunchy Cheetos were the first Cheetos product to be launched. Crunchy Cheetos were originated in San Antonio, Texas in 1948. Until the release of Cheetos Puffs in 1971, it was the brand’s only Cheetos product. This prompted Doolin to form a marketing and distribution partnership with potato chip entrepreneur Herman W. Lay, and Cheetos were debuted nationwide in the United States in 1948, along with a potato product named Fritatos. Due to the popularity of Cheetos, Doolin and Lay decided to unite their two firms in 1961, establishing Frito-Lay Inc. Cheetos was one of the company’s four big snack food brands at the time, with yearly revenues of $127 million. Frito-Lay merged with the Pepsi-Cola Company to become PepsiCo in 1965, permitting Cheetos to be marketed outside from North America.

popularity of Cheetos

All about Cheetos mascot?

The cheesiest snack food has an interesting spokescreature who is known as the Chester Cheetah. He is a known face for this yummy snack. This neon orange cheese snack had another spokes creature that was a suave and agile kitty. 

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Why Cheetos are mouthwatering? 

The salt-coated puff of cheese contains buttery-rich fat that melts on the tongue instantly and can pamper your taste buds to a significant extent. The brain is rewarded with quick emotions of pleasure with each bite of Cheetos. It’s tough to stop munching it, and that’s precisely what food makers aim for.


Cheetos comes with an array of flavors like Puffs Cheetos, baked crunchy cheese Cheetos, simply puffs white cheddar cheese, popcorn cheddar Cheetos, etc. All the different Cheetos flavors are known for their unique and amazing taste. Cheetos snack is a popular choice for the gourmands.

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